TiSlack Surpasses 2000 Members!

NOTE: TiSlack was founded by Rene before he joined Axway Appcelerator. And, it remains by and for the community. That said, we are thrilled that Rene started this communication channel and hope all of you will join it and participate.

After a Titanium meetup and a couple discussions an idea was born to set up a community for Titanium where we can exchange knowledge. This was January 2015. Many people were involved before I set up this Slack community, however I believe the original idea is from Wienke, the initiator of TheThingsNetwork.

Within a couple months, word of this community extended outside of the border, and some people from neighbouring countries already started asking for invites. It wasn’t too hard of a decision to change the name from TitaniumNL to TiSlack.

So, June 4th, 2015, TiSlack was born and accepted people from all over the world. It wasn’t long until we reached 100 people and a lot of the active people back then are still very active today. Over time, more and more people joined, and more people became (and stayed) active in the community.

As of this month, this number surpassed 2000 people! A huge achievement that I couldn’t have reached without you guys.

We’re also very close to another milestone, 500.000 messages! We’re only a couple thousand short. So keep on chatting guys!


So, on TiSlack we allow people to hand out points. Inspired by Harry Potter, we named this bot Dumbledore. Whenever someone does good, be it a blog post, helping someone out or anything else out of the ordinary, anyone can type 1 point to [username] and a point is given.

A 30-day (and all time) leaderboard is displayed on the website. So far, we’re just shy of 3200 points in total.

Though, if every time someone helped another person we could’ve easily gotten 10.000 points in the same timeframe. So I’d like to invite everyone to keep giving points!

And to celebrate this moment I’d like to highlight who gave the most points, as opposed to received:

  1. wraldpyk (me) with 215 points
  2. dhennrich with 198 points
  3. adamtarmstrong with 149 points
  4. mcvendrell with 141 points
  5. jormagar with 141 points
  6. nikhes with 114 points
  7. chmiiller with 99 points
  8. john.dalsgaard with 86 points
  9. jhernandezz with 79 points
  10. ulysess with 71 points

Thank YOU

Thank you for making TiSlack awesome, and let’s get another 2000 people and another 500.000 messages!

Not yet in TiSlack? Join now on the website!