Titanium at MobileDevCamp NYC

DNA molecules. 3d rendering

Editor’s note: The following guest post was written by Ben Bahrenburg, who is a member of the Appcelerator Titan’s program. Ben is a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers specializing in providing Global Mobility technology solutions. He has a proven track record of implementing solutions and best practices for large multinational clients across a range of technologies and platforms. Ben has been working with Titanium mobile since the 0.41 betas. He has published numerous mobile Apps, tutorials, and samples using the Titanium mobile framework. Ben has been nominated a Titanium Titan for his work within the Appcelerator community. He recently participated in creating the Aidori App to help with the Japan Relief effort.

Appcelerator was out in full force at MobileDevCamp NYC this weekend.

MobileDevCamp NYC this year featured cross-platform presentations, discussions and a multi-platform hackathon. Appcelerator Titan Ben Bahrenburg presented Titanium mobile and held an installfest.

Titanium really stood out with four hackathon teams including the winner using Titanium Mobile.

The winner, David Yang created an Augmented Reality App called “I See A …IKEA” that allows you to select a piece or set of IKEA furniture and see what it would look like in your home.

It was great to have a chance to meet so many Titanium developers and see their work.

Code Strong!

The Appcelerator Titan Team