Titanium Documentation Survey: Your Input Requested

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Developer documentation is critical to success with any technology platform. For that reason, we’re planning further big investments in our API and written guide documentation in 2012. To help us in our planning process, we’d like to collect feedback from our developer community regarding the current state of our documentation, and where you’d like to see us go in the future.

Please take a moment (it’s one page – shouldn’t take but a minute or two), and fill out the following survey. We appreciate your valuable feedback, and we look forward to working with you to improve our docs and learning resources in 2012!

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  1. Done but some what alarmed with the focus on mobile and not desktop. I think you guys need to come clean about what the plan is for desktop if any.

  2. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if you opened up a section at the bottom of each API documentation page where the community could comment and post sample code. There are plenty of great developers here that would be happy to enhance your documentation if you’d just let them…

  3. I second Mark’s comment; the user-submitted snippets on php.net are why I go there all the time for function definitions, etc.

  4. We get the PHP.net comparison a lot – we’ve had comment systems on other products in the past, which have led to problems with misinformation, etc. That said, we’re definitely looking into ways to allow community feedback, and understand the desire for commenting in the API docs.

    Be sure to add your voice to the docs survey requesting this!

  5. You may need to hire a person, who checks the comments daily. This process should take less time and money than providing code snippets yourself.

  6. There are plenty of ways to auto and manually administrate this process. eBay has shown that it’s possible to create a community that policies itself quite well through user ratings.

    For one, it’d be crucial to have all posts identify exactly which version(s) of Titanium the post applies to. Desktop or Mobile? Android or iOS? 1.7.x or 1.8.x? Rhino or V8?

    Second, knowing whether a post was made by someone who’s been on the site for 2 years and has contributed 1000 posts to Q & A or whether it’s a first time newbie makes a huge difference.

    Third, allowing the community to like or dislike, + or -, help a lot.

    Now, a much better alternative than all of this would be complete, accurate documentation from Appcelerator. If you guys can get that out, then this is a moot point. But it’s been a long time coming, and we here in the community are willing to help if you give us the chance.

  7. I second Darrens comment.

    Where are you going with Titanium Desktop? There’s no way in the survey for me to say that I really think it’s lacking. Compared to the mobile docs it’s really horrible, and I find myself looking in the Mobile docs, and guessing the API for desktop instead.

    So in summary: Don’t fix the mobile docs until you also have proper documentation for desktop. When it’s up to par, you can start making mobile (and desktop), even better.

  8. +1 on Marks comments – especially the third note about the like or dislike, + or -. That seems to be the best way to allow the community to self-moderate. Like the others here, I go to php.net quite frequently and almost every time I look up the documentation for a function, I browse other users comments and suggestions.

    I think what makes it work for the php.net folks is that they don’t call them “comments” – they are called “User contributed Notes”. If you call them comments, you are inviting people to post junk like “This documentation sucks”.

    I believe that and the voting would make the documentation pages very useful.

  9. +1 on Mark’s comment and all follow ups. The Ti Mobile API Docs have inconsistencies, blanks, and gotchas that would benefit from a few community pro tips.

    Treat vandals as the exception to the rule, not the rule. Most of us actually want this thing to work and would be happy to help.

  10. Comments for mobile. Staying away from desktop for now.

    Great work on improving the docs but there is still a long way to go. There are still far too many undocumented properties that are used in examples. For example the docs for TableViewRow is missing the ‘header’ property.

    Allowing user contributed documentation would also be a plus.

    Furthermore, while there are release notes between versions, there is no central repository or document of changes and deprecated functions.

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