Titanium Livestream April 2019 Recap: The Geolocation Edition

Welcome back for another edition of Titanium Livestream recap!

In this month’s episode, Developer Evangelist Rene Pot tackles a highly requested topic from our blog audience: how to use geolocation within a Titanium app. For this, Rene includes a simple demo for getting started, including how to use zoom on the map, how to use annotations, and much more.

To kick things off, Rene explains why you might want to add geolocation to your app. From pinpointing a user’s location to delivering search results for nearby restaurants or services — there’s a ton you can do with Titanium’s geolocation features! But, please note that in order to get started, you must first ensure that you have the proper permissions (for more details on this, check out our in-depth guide on permissions here).

Once permissions are established, Rene goes through step-by-step how to get set up with geolocating, starting with how to add the ti.map function for both Android and iOS platforms. He then demonstrates what developers can do with annotations, including some of the limitations and how to implement Titanium’s super useful databinding tools.

To learn more, watch the full episode above, or visit our YouTube channel to check out all of our installments.

We host the Titanium Livestream every month. So, be sure to mark your calendar and tune-in for the next one on Wednesday, May 22nd at 1pm EDT, and check out our event page on Twitch to stay up-to-date.

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