Titanium Livestream February 2019 Recap: The SDK 8.0.0 Release Edition

Last week, our Developer Evangelist Rene Pot was joined by Axway engineers Ewan Harris and Jan Vennemann for the latest installment of our Titanium Livestream series (featured on Twitch). In this edition, which you can watch below, our hosts unpack all the new features (and also breaking changes) with the launch of the new Titanium SDK 8.0.0.

To kick things off, Jan describes the changes on the iOS side of things — including the introduction of Swift modules, performance improvements and updated features for WKWebView, and a new minimum target (iOS 9). Jan explains that with SDK 8.0.0, Titanium has been opened up so users can now write native modules in Swift and add Swift-only frameworks to your apps. He goes on to share that WKWebView will now be built-in to the Titanium platform (eliminating the plug-in requirement) and covers the breaking changes.

Ewan then dives into the tooling updates for Titanium SDK 8.0.0, highlighted by an updated LiveView. The big additions here include full support for transpilation using the same means as the SDK build process (on by default) and also selective compilation for Alloy projects. Ewan also covers several fixes and a few breaking changes for this new release.

For more information on these, check out our release blog.

You can catch the full episode below, or visit our YouTube channel to check all installments! We host our Titanium Livestream every month. So, be sure to mark your calendar and tune-in for the next on on Thursday, March 14 at 1 p.m. EDT. And check out our event page on Twitch to stay up-to-date on all Titanium livestreams.

We’d love to hear your reactions on SDK 8.0.0 in the comments below.