Titanium Livestream Oct 2018 Recap – Android & Memory Leak Edition

Welcome back for another Titanium Livestream recap! (You can find the September one here.)

Last week, Rene Pot was joined by Appcelerator developer Josh Quick and fellow Developer Evangelist Jason Kneen for the second installment of this series hosted on Twitch. The conversation centers around new Android features for Titanium and also how to prevent memory leaks.

To kick things off, Josh Quick demonstrates the “safeAreaRect” property for Ti.UI.Window, which users can expect to see in the Titanium SDK 7.5.0 update coming later this month. He also shows some existing, hidden features that developers may not be aware of, but are incredibly useful. For reference, here’s a sample app that showcases maskedImage.

Following Josh’s talk, you’ll hear from Jason Kneen who covers how to prevent memory leaks. In the video below, Jason describes what can cause memory leaks to occur, how to find them, and then how to fix them. He also explains that typical causes include data-binding, app-level events, and CommonJS modules — and uses live code to demonstrate where crashes frequently happen, as well as how to resolve those issues.

We host our Titanium Livestream every month. So, be sure to mark your calendar and tune-in for the next one on Thursday, Nov 15 at 1pm EDT. Also, give a Rene Pot a follow on Twitch to stay up-to-date on all Appcelerator live streams and events.

Oh, and no worries if you missed the October Livestream. You can catch the full episode here:

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