Titanium Livestream Recap December 2018 – The VS Code Edition

Happy holidays, and welcome back for the final Titanium Livestream recap of 2018!

Last week, Axway Appcelerator Engineer Ewan Harris joined our developer evangelist Rene Pot for this year’s ultimate installment of the Titanium Livestream series (featured on Twitch). In this edition, our hosts discuss the recent release of the Visual Studio Code plugin: the all-new, awesome way to build Titanium apps. The conversation covers what you can do with VS Code, how to use the extension, the future product roadmap and, finally, the beta release details!

To kick things off, Ewan describes the rapid growth in popularity of Visual Studio Code among developers and introduces VS Code Titanium extension 0.1.1, which provides out-the-box support for modules and the ability to create, build, and package apps on both Android and iOS. He also provides a live demonstration, walking users through the standard app workflow and showcasing Titanium Alloy generation for components, as well as other useful features.

To wrap things up, our hosts discuss the product roadmap for both Titanium editor plugins (VS Code and Atom) set to release in full early next year. Those upcoming feature plans include:

  • Improved management of SDK/CLIs, alerts for when new versions are released
  • Improved support for classic apps (and apps using Vue or Angular)
  • More robust autocomplete and intellisense capabilities

For more information on these, check-out our VS Code release blog.

We host our Titanium Livestream every month. So, be sure to mark your calendar and tune-in for the next one on Thursday, Jan 17 at 1pm EDT. Check the event page on Twitch to stay up-to-date on all Titanium Livestreams.

Oh, and no worries if you missed the November Livestream. You can catch the full episode below, or visit our YouTube channel to check all 2018 installments!

Code strong, and see you next year!