Titanium Mobile 1.1.1 maintenance release

Copy space. New arrows painted on asphalt. Direction future.

Given we had a number of critical issues reported in the 1.1 final release we decided tonight to push a 1.1.1 maintenance release to everyone. Hopefully this will fix a number of the reported issues related to the iphone simulator on Leopard and on older versions of the iPhone SDK. In our testing, we failed to realize that our own internal upgrades to 3.2 caused Apple to by default build the latest simulator only for 64-bit CPU architecture types. For 1.1.1 and going forward, we are building the simulator against both 32-bit and 64-bit CPU architectures and releasing a universal binary.

We also fixed a number of issues related to XML and DOM that were uncovered as well as a few other issues. You can see all the fixes in our issue tracking system.