Titanium Mobile 1.5.0 is GA today!

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Major updates are here in Titanium Mobile 1.5.0 GA, and they are available now! Android support is greatly expanded, and you’ll find new features, performance and quality improvements throughout.

Last week we had two release candidates, found a few issues, and are now ready to release Titanium Mobile 1.5.0 GA to the world.

For those of you previewing our RC2 – we did find and fix two IOS issues in our 1.5.0 RC2 delivered on Friday 12/10, namely:

  • 2559 – Push Notification broken
  • 1789 – Implementation of SHA-1 algorithm

What’s New

Firstly, in 1.5.0 we’ve addressed over 500 issues on iOS and Android. On both platforms we’ve added or improved:

  • Memory Usage and Performance
  • Javascript Stylesheets (JSS)
  • Localization
  • Multiple Density Images
  • Clipboard
  • Simple Services
  • Module Development Kit

This is a big Android feature release and we’ve only begun to scrape the surface of what’s possible:

  • Exposing several Android native classes: Activity, Service, Intent, PendingIntent, Menu, and MenuItem.
  • Javascript based Activities and simple Services
  • Extensive support for providing resources for the different screens and densities
  • Pickers
  • Calendar
  • Contacts (Read-only)
  • Remote Image Cache when using ImageView
  • and many other features

We’ve also added iOS features as well:

  • Drawing performance improvements, especially in TableView
  • Improved background and local notification support

A Few Important Items

Before we jump into the fun stuff, we want to mention that there is one breaking change on Android. Ti.UI.Android.createMenu and Ti.UI.Android.Menu have been removed. The are four menu examples in KitchenSink. map_view.js has been refactored to use the new menu API. There is also android_menu_1, android_menu_2, and android_menu_3.

Also, if you want to take advantage of specifying your Android configuration in your tiapp.xml you’ll need Developer 1.2.2 update, released on Friday 12/10.

Finally, the new 2.3 emulators have a serious issue with WebViews and the Javascript to Java Bridge. See Issue 12987 in the Android bug database for more information. Short story, until Google addresses this issue and pushes a patch we recommend using the same emulators for testing as you were before if you use a WebView

How Do I Get Titanium Mobile 1.5.0 GA?


I got an error launching my app!

If you get an error after changing your Titanium SDK to 1.5.0 from a previous version in the Titanium Developer Edit tab, and then you click Save Changes and encounter an error when launching your app, please do the following:

  • Go to your [appname]/build/[iphone] directory, and delete the contents. (for android, replace iphone with android above)
  • Titanium should now do a clean build with from scratch.


Note that in our next incremental release we will work to fix this annoyance.

For other issues please refer to our Q&A section, and search for your issue there.

Please give us your feedback on this major release.

And keep checking the Titanium documentation portal for more information.

Code Strong,

The Appcelerator Team


  1. Hi,

    Nice update ! Would it be possible to get blog posts with a brief overview of each new features, or links to the relevant documentation ?

    It’s exciting to see so many features, but not so easy to use if we don’t know what they are.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Pieter,

    Did you follow my suggestions at the end of this post, under the last section:

    I got an error launching my app!

    Let us know the results.


  3. Dear Titanium Team,

    Thanks for this major release! I was having troubles with srollableviews in tablerows, but they seem fixed in the 1.5.0 release, looking supersharp.

    Thanks again for coding strong 😀

  4. I’m never sure if I got the latest SDK or not.
    Is there a way to check this in the Titanium application?
    I know I’m using 1.5.0 but not sure what build.

  5. Now if you guys would just bridge the gap between the “Community”/free version and the $199/month version, this product would be *perfect*

  6. sorry, I have to say this build does fix some issues and bring new features, however, it breaks so many things. My app used to work fine with 1.4.1, now I have spent last 6 hours fixing the broken code. So many small issues, for example, if I update the label width in another thread, it does not work, I use this way to show a nice customized progress bar. imageview’s image.replace stops working, httpclient synchrous mode breaks in GA build but got fixed in nightly build..
    overall, this build is too early to be pushed out.

  7. I agree with jason919. This build was too early.
    I have two problems and i don’t know how to fix them.

    1. I get an error message when i stop the emulator.
    @deni2s: I have seen your link but this solution didn’t fix the problem.
    Also, a clean build from scratch didn’t work.

    2. I can’t install the Android SDK. But why? I don’t know!
    I get the following message if I choose the Android SDK directory and press OK: “Couldn’t find adb or android in your SDK’s “tools” directory. You may need to install a newer version of the SDK tools.”

    SDK 1.4.2 everything still works fine. :/

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