Titanium Mobile SDK 2.0.2 Now Available

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We’re excited to announce that Titanium Mobile SDK 2.0.2 is now available. Last month, we released Titanium Mobile 2.0. The release featured many new features and enhancements, including the new layout engine and significant improvements in parity between the platforms. Overall response to Release 2.0 has been very positive.

Titanium Mobile SDK 2.0.2 is our first service pack for the Titanium Mobile 2.0 release;  it builds on the strengths of Release 2.0, and addresses around 50 high-priority issues.

Read the Release Notes for details on all of the improvements available in Release 2.0.2.

Download and Installation

Updating the Mobile SDK

You should be prompted to automatically upgrade your Titanium Mobile SDK from within Titanium Studio. If you do not see the prompt below, you can manually check for updates by selecting “Check for Titanium SDK Updates” from the “Help” menu within Titanium Studio.

For More Information

For more information, see the Titanium Documentation Site.


  1. Hi,
    with the new version of SDK there is a small bug in the tabbedBar for iOS. I have a Window with a Toolbar (setting via win.setToolbar()) and in this toolbar i have setting [tabbedBar, flexSpace, tabbedBar]. The first tabbedBar is setting with the attribute visible:false and changed after with visible = true (or setVisible(true)) from a button. Changing the visible to true, the tabbedBar is repositioned to the center of the Toolbar, over the flexSpace or other tabbedBar… Compiling the app with the previous version of SDK the problem dissapear.

    • Sorry to hear that 🙁 – Can you please report and provide a test case in our community JIRA system at jira.appcelerator.org? Thanks!

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