Titanium Mobile Tizen now available


Hot on the heels of our preview release several weeks ago, we’re pleased to announce GA support for the new Tizen platform in the Titanium SDK. Tizen is a robust and flexible operating system, based on Linux and HTML 5. Available devices include smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle dashboards and smart TVs.

The general availability of Tizen support is included as part of our 3.1.0 release. However, we are promoting it in advance in order to encourage you to begin developing applications for the platform in anticipation of the May opening of the Tizen app store. As such, we’ve tested a particular build of 3.1.0 for Tizen support, and we are linking to that directly from the platform page below. To get started, read more here. There are some important items to watch as part of the release notes in regards to the Tizen tooling on OS X, so please review the aforementioned linked page carefully.

Feedback and contributions are appreciated. You can check out the repository at https://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile_tizen. We welcome your contributions and support of this new addition.


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