Titanium Mobile Tizen Preview now available

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Continuing our mission of enabling developers to deliver transformative mobile experiences across all major platforms, we’re pleased to announce preview support for the new Tizen platform in the Titanium SDK. Tizen is a robust and flexible operating system, based on Linux and HTML 5. Available devices include smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle dashboards and smart TVs.

If you’d like to get started trying your hand at Tizen development, the latest 3.1 builds of the Titanium SDK include Tizen support.

Similar to what we started with BlackBerry, we’re taking a new (and we believe an improved) approach to platform development. Each platform (iOS, Android, mobile web) will eventually have a dedicated repository.  This will help us release updates on each platform faster, without affecting the current stable platforms.

With the announcement of the preview, we are also pleased to announce that the Titanium Mobile Tizen GitHub Repository is now public. You can check out the repository at https://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile_tizen. We welcome your contributions and support of this new addition.


  1. I am very happy with how Ti keeps helping us reach newer Devices. I look forward to Blackberry Ti SDK be feature complete…

    Tizen is a great addition never the less. I’m curious as to why it received higher priority over Windows Phone.

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