Titanium Module API uploaded as a PDF

3d abstract architecture background

We’ve put together a PDF covering the Titanium Module, containing the Titanium Mobile 1.4 APIs. This is the same information that continues to be available on-line, just organized as a single document that you can use offline. Depending on the capabilities of your PDF reader, you can use the PDF navigation links to move around in the document, and of course you can search. You’ll probably find that this works better in a PDF reader than in a browser.

You’ll find a link to this on our API Documentation page.

The margins are tight — if you want to print it, be sure to tell your PDF reader to print the full image of each page, which might require a slight reduction of the layout as it’s printed.

This is an experimental document at this point. There are some formatting issues, and we’re working to improve them. In the meantime, I hope this is useful. Please let me know how this works out.