Titanium SDK 2.1.4 Released

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Titanium SDK contains 2.1.4 contains a number of new iOS and Android fixes, as well as official support for the iPad Mini and XCode 4.5.2. Highlights include:

  • iOS — blur() callback fails to blur keyboard on textfields with custom toolbar.
  • iOS — Packaging – Correct messages from being logged in xcode console in production apps.
  • iOS — Fix to prevent Subversion folders from being copied into IPA files.
  • Windows 8 Desktop support for Titanium Studio.

For a complete list of the items addressed in the 2.1.4 release, see the release notes.

Download and Installation

Updating the Mobile SDK – You should be prompted to automatically upgrade your Titanium Mobile SDK from within Titanium Studio. If you do not see the prompt below, you can manually check for updates by selecting “Check for Titanium SDK Updates” from the “Help” menu within Titanium Studio.

Titanium SDK 2.1.4

For More Information

The Release 2.1 documentation page has been updated to reflect changes in Release 2.1.4, as well as the usual documentation updates and corrections.

Note When loading the updated page for the first time, you may need to clear your browser cache. If the documentation page takes more than a few seconds to load, clear your cache and reload the page.


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