Titanium SDK 3.4.0 Beta for iOS 8 Now Available


Update #2: We’ve pushed even newer versions of all products

We’re pleased to announce a beta version of Titanium SDK and Studio, version 3.4.0, that offers compatibility with iOS 8.

Unlike the transition from iOS 6 to 7, there are less visual changes between 7 and 8. However, Apple has altered the toolchain significantly, so you will need to use Xcode 6 on OS X Mavericks or Yosemite to build for iOS 8. Our 3.4.0 Beta will enable you to make the necessary changes quickly and easily while still using the same cross-platform JavaScript APIs that you are already familiar with.

As is always the case, if it wasn’t for you—our large and active community of developers—it wouldn’t be possible for us to provide these high quality releases so quickly. Thank you—we appreciate all your feedback and please keep it coming.

How to Update

Note: You must update Studio, SDK and CLI. You cannot just install the SDK, as iOS requires tooling changes as well.

These are links to continuous integration builds. To install them, choose “Help Menu > Install Specific Titanium SDK…” from inside Titanium Studio.

To update Studio, please visit https://preview.appcelerator.com and follow the instructions to update to the RC stream, or to download a new install.

NPM Packages

Note: You may need to use ‘sudo’ before these terminal commands on OSX and Linux

npm install -g alloy@1.5.0-rc2
npm install -g titanium@3.4.0-rc4

To revert back to stable versions:

npm remove -g alloy
npm remove -g titanium
npm install -g alloy
npm install -g titanium

Updates in Titanium 3.4.0

A full list of 3.4.0 tickets (which include iOS 8 tickets) is available here. A more in-depth discussion of the release can be found in the release notes.

Known Issues

There are a few known issues in this release that will be addressed before the GA. You can view them here: 3.4.0 Known Issues. Of particular note is that Xcode 6 has substantially changed how simulators are launched. This also appears to lead to some issues with projects building once, and then failing to build again.


  1. There is still a problem with this beta that has existed since 3.3.0 SDK.

    For an XHR HTTPClient onreadystatechange is called multiple times for the same ready state. In my App with this beta and SDK 3.3.0 using a simple HTTPClient to get the size of something ready state 4 is called multiple times and crashes my app because it eats up the threads.

    Please fix this. This did not happen in 3.2.3

    • Samie, thank you for your feedback. This is a beta, meant to expose bugs. Is there a ticket for your issue so we can try to reproduce?

  2. I have discovered another issue with this release that happened also in 3.3.0 with iOS 8.

    If your app uses location services, it can not access them. It will get no location. If you go into Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Your App. You will notice the Option for Always or never is blank.

    If you set a option and open the app it will get the location. But as soon as you go back to the location settings for the app it will be blank.

    This one is a big bug that needs to get fixed quickly for the next release.

  3. Awesome job, guys! We’re beyond excited to continue working with the Appcelerator platform! Thank you, we’re looking forward =]

  4. We just update to OS X Yosemite and XCode 6, and now Titanium won’t compile any apps. When first loading Titanium and when trying to modify the “iOS SDK Home” in Settings –> Studio –> Platforms –> iOS, an error alert pops up with the body text of

    “An internal error occurred during: “Update iOS info”.
    org.json.simple.JSONObject cannot be cast to org.json.simple.JSONArray”

    A little research uncovered an issue with the required Java 8.x not being compatible with Java 7.x that appears to be used in Titanium in all SDK versions (including 3.4 beta). Has there been a bug reported on this?

  5. you have to remove 1st it should be

    npm remove -g alloy
    npm remove -g titanium
    npm install -g titanium@3.4.0-rc
    npm install -g alloy@1.5.0-rc

  6. Hi , I have downloaded the latest Xcode 6 . Installed the titanium SDK 3.4.0 beta.
    studio/preference/studio/IOS –> refresh click
    update message

    An internal error occurred during: “Update iOS info”.
    org.json.simple.JSONObject cannot be cast to org.json.simple.JSONArray

    My …
    OS : OS X 10.9.5
    XCODE : xcode 6
    Titanium SDK : 3.4.0
    node -v : v0.10.13
    IOS SDK : 8


    please help.

  7. It is possibile to have BOTH ios7 AND ios8 sdk at the same time?

    because now I can’t compile for ios 7
    and ios8 is getting some problem with the

    always getting
    code = “-1001”;
    error = “The request timed out.”;
    source = “[object TiNetworkHTTPClient]”;
    success = 0;
    type = error;

    but worked good until yesterday and
    but works good with android!

    I’m on 3.4.0.v20140922135716 as default Titanium sdk

    please any help?

  8. Since installing the beta, get a

    “An internal error occurred during: “Computing SDK Info…”.
    org.json.simple.JSONObject cannot be cast to org.json.simple.JSONArray”

    error whenever I start Titanium. I am using OS X 10.9.5, Xcode is completely up to date, and I am also unable to run the iOS simulator for any of my projects.

    What can be done to resolve this?

    • To confirm, please check the following:

      • You have installed Studio 3.4.0
      • You have installed CLI 3.4.0
      • You have double-checked on the command line that a 3.4.0 version of the SDK is marked as “selected” using ti select sdk on the command line.
  9. Dir
    i dont where i ask my question so sorry about this 🙂
    When I update Titanium SDK to 3.4.0.GA on OS X 10.9.5. It gives me long error message and this part of it
    Error encountered during update
    Archive: /var/folders/ks/3pj0stxj13scckcblvc6k85m0000gn/T/mobilesdk-osx-{2}
    creating: /var/folders/ks/3pj0stxj13scckcblvc6k85m0000gn/T/mobilesdk-osx-{2}989858881/mobilesdk/
    creating: /var/folders/ks/3pj0stxj13scckcblvc6k85m0000gn/T/mobilesdk-osx-{2}989858881/mobilesdk/osx/
    creating: /var/folders/ks/3pj0stxj13scckcblvc6k85m0000gn/T/mobilesdk-osx-{2}989858881/mobilesdk/osx/3.4.0.GA/
    inflating: /var/folders/ks/3pj0stxj13scckcblvc6k85m0000gn/T/mobilesdk-osx-{2}989858881/mobilesdk/osx/3.4.0.GA/api.jsca
    creating: /var/folders/ks/3pj0stxj13scckcblvc6k85m0000gn/T/mobilesdk-osx-{2}989858881/mobilesdk/osx/3.4.0.GA/blackberry/
    inflating: /var/folders/ks/3pj0stxj13scckcblvc6k85m0000gn/T/mobilesdk-osx-{2}989858881/mobilesdk/osx/3.4.0.GA/blackberry/blackberryndk.py
    I tried update using Titanium Studio and through the terminal using the sodu titanium sdk install, as well as downloading SDK package on the device and update without Internet. But this error keeps popping up.

    please HELP 🙁

    my device os x 10.9.5
    xcode 6.0.1

    • I would suggest asking a question on developer.appcelerator.com. I think we need the full log file to help diagnose.

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