Titanium SDK and Studio 3.3.0 GA Now Available

We are very pleased to announce our 3.3.0 release of Appcelerator Studio, Titanium Studio and the Titanium SDK. This is part of our much larger Appcelerator Platform 2.0 release, our biggest release in Appcelerator history. We have made changes and improvements inside Studio/SDK 3.3.0, from Studio—to Alloy—and to all of our supported OS platforms. We are also excited to add Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone 8 to our supported OS platforms (please read below for support information).

Release Highlights:

Windows Hybrid Platform Support

This release supports Windows 8 Apps and Windows Phone 8 applications built using our Mobile Web APIs. Titanium turns your Mobile Web application into Windows 8 JavaScript and Windows Phone HTML5 applications. All building is done through our CLI tools. There is currently no support within Appcelerator or Titanium Studio.


  • New API to set attributes of UI components within a controller-less view.
  • Use custom run-time queries as TSS style selectors.
  • Map Module integrations.
  • Theme widget assets and styles as part your custom theme.


  • Added support for camera features to the Android platform that were previously only available for iOS.
  • Official support for testing Android applications on Genymotion virtual devices with both the Titanium CLI and Studio.


  • Multiple UI bugs addressed and general stability enhancements.


  • You can now control the clipping behavior of the view component.
  • The HTTP client on iOS uses the new iOS 7 NSURLConnection class, replacing the ASIHTTPRequest class.
  • The HTTP Client for iOS now supports cookie management. Previously, this feature was only available for Android.
  • There is a new mechanism to support SSL certificates with the HTTPClient exposed as the securityManager property.
  • Bypass iTunes for development builds.
  • If a device is connected, and you are building for device, the build process will now automatically build straight to that device, bypassing iTunes sync. This will decrease build to execution time.


  • Content assistance improvements
  • Genymotion virtual device support (an Android Emulator)
  • New Windows installer

Titanium CLI

  • Create command supports custom templates (–template option)
  • Display iOS device log output
  • Genymotion virtual device support (an Android Emulator)
  • Module creation support
  • Windows Hybrid platform support

Please read the Release Notes for a full list of updates.

We would like to thank, as always, our strong and active community. You have been very helpful in providing feedback through our entire release process. Our releases would not happen if it wasn’t for your support and feedback.


    • The documentation is already available on docs.appcelerator.com. Are you not finding docs on something in particular?

  1. Changing to NSURLConnection with the GA release really messed everything up for me and my app.

    Downloading files now with a createHTTPClient does not work properly anymore. I can’t get progress some times, the app doesn’t see the status, I can not stop the download, even when a download is finished it still thinks its going.

    3.2.3 Perfect, I change to 3.3.0 and tons of issues with simple XHR requests.

    • Donovan, we’ve not heard any reports of issues like that, and generally, the switch to NSURLConnection made things much better in a number of areas. Did you try with previous betas of 3.3.0 (you mention “With the GA release” so it’s unclear if you see this as a change from previous beta 3.3.0 releases)? Can you post a ticket with a sample showing what you are doing and we can take a look?

      • Donovan/Ingo, the documentation says you need to implement the securityManager property at the moment when you create the httpclient, but it doesn’t says how. i would expect an explicit example

      • Ingo, I did not have these problems with the previous betas of 3.3.0. Both worked 100% but the GA has really messed things up when downloading files.

        As Alejandro said the securityManager property needs to be set? How is this done?

        • Hi Donovan, I’m not sure how that would be, since that functionality didn’t change across betas. But, just to confirm, what’s the last beta of 3.3.0 you tried where it worked.

  2. Hello, since the update I have always this error when I want to intall in my app on my samsung 🙁

    [ERROR] : Failed to install apk on “00199e0f13095e”
    [ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1
    [ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1

    • Mario, we need a bit more information than that to proceed. Can you file a JIRA ticket with the complete log file and the device you’re using?

  3. The Admob iOS module needs to be updated. It no longer works Ad’s are not served. It just leaves an empty blank space. Version 1.5.0 with Admob SDK 6.4.2 is no longer supported by Google.

    My Ads stopped being served today. I created a test iOS project in Xcode with the latest Admob SDK from Google version 6.10.0 used my same publisher ID and ads got served with no problem.

    Please update the module ASAP.

  4. When I use this new SDK and try and build, it hangs without an error message, and just says: “Launching : Launching app delegate… 57%”
    I’ve uninstalled the studio, deleted everything related to titanium, and reinstalled again but nothing seems to work. Can one of the Appcelerator team please help. There is a thread here where other people are having the same issue: https://developer.appcelerator.com/question/129595/studio-problem–stucked-on-launching-delegate

  5. I don’t remember what version did I used before, but I remember that using Titanium gave me a very frustrated week. In that occasion, it wasn’t working fine and I couldn’t find useful help. But I’ll give it a second chance, I really like the way it proposes mobile development. I hope I’ll have success this time.

  6. After update from 3.2.3 to 3.3.0, Titanium Studio no longer works on Windows 7 (64 bit). No way. I have removed everything, reinstalled but no luck. The “node.js” process hangs (0% cpu) when I perform a build. And I’m not the only one with this issue. I’m stuck with my project!

  7. Using the SDK 3.3.0.GA, the iOS TabGroup is now translucent (it adapts the color according to the view behind). I assume this is a feature. I did not find the property to disable it.

    Is there any?

    Thank you

  8. Since I’ve installed Titanium studio and created the Hello world app in it. The run always get stuck on 57%, then jumps over it and nothing ever happens. When I try to start the app, as a web app I get the index.html not found window. Help

  9. Can’t get createHTTPClient to connect at all on iOS in 3.3, or any later releases for that matter. Works fine in Android. Basic HTTP code. I’m lost.

  10. It was my bad. All through the years I was passing GET info in the .send({param1:x,param2:y}) portion. Docs state this is for POST only. It just always worked until 3.3. I either have to use GET and pass the params with the URL page.ext?param1=x&param2=y or leave as is and change from GET to POST.

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