Titanium SDK for Mobile Web Beta 1

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Mobile web vs. mobile app. How about both? Today we are introducing the Titanium SDK for Mobile Web Beta 1 with full support for developing mobile web apps with the same Titanium mobile app API you use now.

This is an early Beta version of the product; the API is not complete and there will be some bugs and gaps. Please submit Mobile Web bug reports via the Titanium Community project on jira.

The Mobile Web SDK is a port of our Titanium SDK to the HTML5 specification. For our initial release, we are working on just supporting methods and objects that are present in the spec. This means, for example, that the accelerometer is not supported as well as items like TabGroup.

A Titanium Mobile Web app is designed to be run from a web server. You can successfully run it from a browser as a local file, but not everything will work correctly. The focus of the testing was using iPhone Safari, desktop Safari and desktop Chrome.

Watch a demo of Titanium Mobile Web in action:


  1. If you deploy this on a server, then is your source code secure (i.e. the code is executed at the server) or does the end-user always see the javascript source code that you write?

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  3. When will tabs be added to the SDK? Some of my customers insist that the web apps look and function like a native app.

  4. Fantastic. This is VERY exciting. When there are ways for developers to stylize the controls this will be a very compelling way in which to build apps for the web. I find this model extremely interesting for regular web sites. We have been exploring alternatives to our Flex-developed Flash movies. Provided we eventually gain the same arsenal of networking objects at our disposal as we have when building iPhone and iPad apps this will be very interesting. Great job!

  5. Tony, this looks terrific, but just as Russell Rogers has asked above, I would love to know when this will support Tabs. Sencha Touch currently supports tabs that look and feel very much like a native app – if Appcelerator can do the same thing – lookout! Please let us know about this.

    • @Erick over time we do intend to fill out the UI APIs you’ve come to expect on the native side. We have some new engineering manpower on the mobile web front now that should be able to make our mobile web platform rock pretty hard. I’d agree tabs are a fairly basic UI necessity and will tell our new lead that as well.

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  7. Are there any plans (if not already implemented) to minify and/or obfuscate the exported mobile web exported JavaScript? Our main concern would be the publishing any proprietary JavaScript written for the application that could be easily readable. Minifying with obfuscation could help to be a deterrent while compressing the file sizes.

    Overall, it’s great to have the option of an easy export to mobile web. Thank you guys for your fantastic work!

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