Titanium Studio 1.0 Preview with Titanium Mobile Debugging

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Today we are very pleased to announce a preview of Titanium Studio.

Titanium Studio is built on top of Aptana Studio, the enterprise-grade IDE acquired by Appcelerator in January. This preview release includes all of the current Aptana Studio 3.0 features and introduces debugging, code completion and much more for your Titanium Mobile projects. Use the Titanium Studio Preview to check out the following new features:

  • iOS and Android debugging
  • Code completion for Titanium Mobile SDK methods
  • Run, Deploy and Package Titanium Mobile and Titanium Desktop Applications
  • Full-featured HTML, JS, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and Python editing support
  • FTP/SFTP/FTPS/Capistrano deployment options
  • Integrated Git Support
  • Integrated Terminal
  • Fully scriptable and customizable

Download and Installation

Visit the Titanium Studio Preview Download page for download and installation instructions. To use debugging functionality, you’ll need to download two packages:

  • Titanium Studio 1.0 (available on Mac OS, Windows, Linux-32-bit and Linux-64-bit
  • Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7.Preview (Supports both iOS and Android -required to preview debugging features)

Review the emerging Titanium Studio docs (and help build them out) in the Appcelerator Wiki.

Known Issues

As is the case with all preview releases, the core functionality is in place and there will be some bugs. You’ll find that Titanium Studio 1.0 Preview is a solid release. The Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7 introduces debugging functionality, but may have undesirable bugs, regressions and partial features. Appcelerator does not encourage using Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7 Preview for creating production apps.

Known issues related to the Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7 Preview include:

  • Android: Debugger sessions occasionally don’t connect when emulator is launched.
  • iOS: Ti.API methods do not forward to debugger ‘log’
  • iOS: Can’t inspect array contents
  • iOS: Evaluations (for the purposes of setting variables) are all performed as operations on strings
  • Review the Titanium Studio Preview and Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7 known issues in the Appcelerator Issue Tracker

    Titanium Community members should log bug reports to the Developer Center Q&A Forum. Appcelerator subscribers should log bug reports to the Appcelerator Help Desk.

    The GA release for Titanium Studio 1.0 is targeted for later in Q2 2011.

    This video shows the basics of the new Titanium Studio Debugger:

    – Setting / Removing a Breakpoint

    – Switching to the Debug Perspective

    – Examining the Call Stack

    – Expanding and modifying variables while suspended

    – Using resume, step over, and step into

    – Setting Breakpoint Conditions


    1. Titanium Studio 1.0 Preview with Titanium Mobile……

      Titanium Studio 1.0 Preview with Titanium Mobile Debugging Titanium Studio Preview판이 공개되었습니다.Titanium Studio는 Appcelerator이 1월에 인수한 Aptana Studio를 기반으로 만들어진 개발 통합 환경입니다. 이번 프리뷰판에는 Aptana Studio3.0의 기능에 디버거와 코드 지원등 Titanium Mobile프로젝트에 도움이 되는 많은 기능이……

    2. That is indeed awesome. Since your announcement I’ve been eager to see what you will do with Aptana Studio and it seems you’ve outdone yourselves. Can’t wait to try this at work !
      Just a question though, will the 1.6 SDK be fully functional with Titanium Studio (except the logging) ?

    3. This is gonna make so much difference to development! Bravo Appcelerator for making the bold move to the big time – can’t wait!

    4. Isn’it it possible to just have the debugger? Is there a minimal command line utility used by this that can be integrated into other editors? (read emacs)

    5. Luis–it should have done this for you already, but if you drop in the api.jsca file from a new project into your older project, it should give you code completion there too.

    6. Does this support Universal development? I’m using the 1.3.0 version of Titanium Developer that allows for it.

    7. Thanks for all the work done in regards to viewing against the Android emulator… it is leaps and bounds more stable than any previous version of Titanium Developer

    8. Awesome.

      But, why not exist a forum where developers and staff of appcelerator could exchange ideias, bugs, and others things?

      Anyone of staff is working at documentation ? I Think this is the weak point of “titanium”. Per example:

      Why I couldn’t find the “children” property (views) in the API docs ?


    9. When i try log with my email and password the Titanium Studio show me that my email anda password is wrong, but I can log with this credentials at Titanium Developer.

    10. Cool! Now Titanium is Grown-up.

      Debugging is still buggy on my system (OSX, 1.7.0), works only 1 in 10 times (“Can’t connect to debugger”) but it looks promising. We will all make a big step ahead.

    11. That’s so great! I love it. But I think Textmate is better than Ti Stuido. I need snippet function like Textmate. Code Completing is good but a little bit not enough.

    12. Debug button which is just before the launch button and above the application explorer is always disabled for me, Can any one tell how to enable this?

    13. Always getting message “Launching Titanium Andriod Emulator- has encountered a problem Debugger failed to connect
      Accept timed out”

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    15. great product!
      but what annoys me, is your custom search dialog.
      i cant use next search while i got selected code window (not search anymore)
      its because your search bar do not pass search term to eclipse search dialog, so CMD+K shortcut is useless.

      is there a way how to disable your search?

    16. @ralf: did you do some extra steps to get it working on lion? for me it simply beachballs after the application seems to have loaded correctly

      @appcelerator: i’m not that familiar with the eclipse environment, but where can i find the preference to set the android-sdk version that should be used in a project? or is this a known bug?

    17. @umair: make sure you have Titanium SDK 1.7 installed and the project has Titanium Mobile nature set (right-click on the project and select Properties->Project Natures).

      @chris: you could set the Android SDK version in the Preferences->Titanium Studio->Mobile page.

    18. The intellisense code completion only seems to pickup part of the sdk functions. e.g. Titanium.UI.iPhone.Sys does not complete to Titanium.UI.iPhone.SystemButtonStyle.PLAIN

      Is this a bug or an unfinished feature?

      (see screenshot)

    19. Hey, thanks its awesome but i am familiar with titanium. but one thing is irratating me its background.

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    21. Hi,

      I know I am really thrilled to see the new advancements in the IDE.

      I am not sure however, Apatna Studio 3.0 has taken the Black background for JS development. Somehow I feel that as annoying.

      I do not know everyone will agree with me on that or not. I liked Aptna Studio 2.0 JS Development Background.

      Wanted to give my two cents..if everyone feels may be you can change the Background.


    22. Hi Venkat, Titanium is built on top of Aptana, so I assume that it is possible to import textmate themes through Window > Preferences > Aptana|Titanium > Themes. The suite accepts textmate themes of type *.tmTheme I especially like the Tomorrow theme variant by Chris Kempson. https://github.com/ChrisKempson/Tomorrow-Theme

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