Titanium Studio 2.1.2 Released

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Titanium Studio, version 2.1.2, is a small patch release with approximately 40 updates as we gear up for our next major version coming up soon.

Studio 2.1.2 highlights

  • We now install Android SDK Tools 20.0.3 by default.
  • OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) is officially supported.
  • We addressed issues with users downloading Android SDKs on Linux.
  • As well, we fixed some cases where the SDK preference was not persisted.
  • Some users reported issues with editor space preferences not saving. This has been addressed.
  • Two issues with Git history not showing and renaming projects tracked by Git have been fixed.

Read the Release Notes for additional details on all improvements available in this release.

Updating Titanium Studio

You should be automatically prompted to update your Titanium Studio software. If you do not see the prompt, you can select “Check for Updates” from the “Help” menu from within Titanium Studio.

Once you’ve updated Titanium Studio, you’ll then get an update for the Titanium Mobile SDK.


  1. Hello,
    do you plan supporting Mac Book Pro Retina Display Mode ? In Info.plist “High Resolution Capable” is “TRUE” but text still blurry.

  2. Wouldn’t that be down to Apple Jeremy, Appcelerator don’t control the code for the emulator, its part of Xcode. Also that setting is for your app, when its running on the device. You can choose Regular or Retina via the Emulator..I recommend running the emulator on its own and changing the resolution in there, it then sticks to that next time Appcelerator runs it. If your running an iPhone app you should see an iPad if your in Retina mode and an iPhone 4 if your not. Hope that helps

  3. This update seems to break password saving. I am now prompted for my Ti accounts details every time I start studio. Tried removing secure_storage file in .elipse and didn’t help.

  4. Only pretty think for me was fixing issue “App crashes if scrolling a scrollview on android with 3 fingers ”

    unfortunatelly… fixing it the scrollview horizontal scrolling stop working and nested views with horizontal layout don’t respect width: Ti.UI.SIZE property on Android for me…

    It worked on 2.1.1

    Hope you’ll fix it soon.