Titanium Studio/SDK RC2 Now Available

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We are providing a minor update to the Studio and SDK RC versions in light of some packaging bugs which have been uncovered. Read on below for details.

In order to be able to get in any possible changes, we need feedback ASAP, ideally this weekend.

SDK 3.0 RC2 fixes the following issues present in SDK 3.0 RC:

  • TIMOB-11990 CLI: iTunesArtwork when placed into the Studio project root directory is not being copied correctly.
  • TIMOB-11968 CLI: Cannot run iOS 6 with simulator 5.1.
  • TIMOB-11967 CLI : Changed description of the ‘-s’ & ‘–sdk’ flags in build command. This flag specifies the SDK version to use to parse the tiapp.xml file. The SDK version specified in the tiapp.xml file is always used to build the application.
  • TIMOB-11961 CLI: iOS: Facebook – Error on assigning app id to the instance of Titanium.Facebook.
  • TIMOB-11956 CLI: Platform specific option defaults not applied properly.
  • TIMOB-11955 CLI: iOS Build –developer-name needs to accept name with and without ID.
  • TIMOB-11950 iOS: CLI: wrong error about distribution-name.
  • TIMOB-11825 CLI: Updated localized strings in CLI.
  • TIMOB-11486 iOS: Transport – Cannot build the app using transport.py.


Studio 3.0 RC2 fixes the following issues present in Studio 3.0 RC:

  • TISTUD-2990 Disable the “Android Runtime” combo-box in tiapp.xml for 3.0.0+ SDK.
  • TISTUD-2979 Remove CLI logic that calls titanium select prior to running operations.
  • TISTUD-2976 Titanium Project: terminating new project creation process is throwing error.
  • TISTUD-2972 Run Diagnostic Test: add Titanium CLI Enabled: true/false.
  • TISTUD-2969 iOS: Developer name passed to CLI is trimming ID.
  • TISTUD-2966 Disparity in CLI reports from Windows and Ubuntu to Mac OS.
  • TISTUD-2949 CLI: ERROR Invalid ios version value.
  • TISTUD-2940 Unable to finish Android SDK installation with Titanium Studio open..
  • TISTUD-2925 Alloy: alloy.js plugin hook showing “read-only” JavaScript error.
  • TISTUD-2920 TiApp Editor with invalid sdk value opens in dirty state with no notification.
  • TISTUD-2899 Preferences: Android SDK List Not Updated After Android SDK Install From Dashboard Until Studio Restart.
  • TISTUD-2269 Preferences: Add ability to display full Xcode path if truncated.

How to Update

To update Studio, please visit https://preview.appcelerator.com and follow the instructions to update to the RC stream. If you are already on the RC stream, click Help > Check for Updates. At the moment, the installer links on the preview page are not working, but updating from the RC stream is working.

Note that if you update to Studio 3.0 RC2, you MUST update to SDK 3.0 RC2. You will be unable to package iOS applications using previous versions of SDK 3.0.


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