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We just wanted to send out an update to let our community know that we’re in the early stages of starting up a new initiative called “Titanium Titans”. The Titan program will be an extension of our Developer Relations team and while we’re in the early stages of creating this program; we’re at the point where we want to start getting the community involved.


Titanium Titans are experienced contributors to the Titanium Project who are responsible for representing, promoting, and expanding the Titanium Project and its ideals to the larger mobile community and the public at large.

You give a face and a name to Titanium. You are a person, friendly and approachable. Titanium can be daunting, but you are going to help make sure that *one person* finds their way through all the confusion into the place where they can contribute.

You are the glue. You help connect different people in different parts of the Project, because you are always dealing with people whose interests are different. You should be eager and happy to work with other parts of Titanium to solve problems.

People are the key. Everything that we do — events, budgets, swag, membership verifications, blogging — it’s all done as an attempt to make personal connections with folks who either want to use or contribute to Titanium.

You are the expert in your region. You understand the culture, the needs, and the best ways to communicate about Titanium and Mobile Development in your region. We can’t ignore the global picture, but we need to be flexible in adapting to local needs.

What do Titans get?

* Opportunities to learn and increase your knowledge about the Titanium Platform and Open Source.

* Create a name for yourself and network with a world class team of people who put together and run the most cutting edge mobile platform and community out there.

* A great opportunity to learn and develop communication skills.

* Lots of experience doing community-driven marketing.

* Stipends for running an event (pizza, soda, etc.).

* Swag to give out at events supporting the Titanium platform.

* Possible sponsorship to other Titanium events, such as the Appcelerator Developers Conference.

* Private communication channels for fellow Titans to discuss Titanium with the Appcelerator staff.

* Special training promotions.

* Early Access to new projects and/or initiatives.

What is required of Titans?

* Being an active member of the Titans program.

* Let us know an event is taking place by posting to the wiki and the mailing list.

* An event report and blog post as a followup. This report should also be on this wiki page for future event planning.

* Work with Appcelerator employees and other Titans to find new ways and opportunities to promote the Titanium platform.

* Be a self-starter and identify other ways in which we can help YOU!

* Attend periodic IRC meetings to help coordinate efforts.

* Collaborate and coordinate with other Titans near you.

Note, if you are just looking for swag, this is not for you.

Having said that, swag will be used to help promote the Titanium Platform at various events and meetups. Here’s a sample of what we’re talking about:


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