Titanium Week Starts January 5th!

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As we march forward to a December GA release for Titanium 1.8 and Titanium Studio 1.0.7, we’re putting together some great content for Titanium developers in early January, which we’re calling “Titanium Week”. We’ve got seven webinars in seven business days for novice and advanced developers alike, starting on Thursday, January 5th. Read on for the full schedule.

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Titanium 1.8 For Module Developers

Thursday, January 5th

In this session, we will cover changes to Titanium module development introduced with the 1.8 release, and showcase some of the best modules we’ve seen emerging in our new module Marketplace.

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What’s New in Titanium Studio 1.0.7

Friday, January 6th

In this session, developers will be introduced to the great new features in Titanium Studio 1.0.7, the latest release of our award-winning Eclipse-based development environment.  Learn how to enhance your mobile development productivity with Titanium Studio 1.0.7.

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Welcome to Titanium!

Monday, January 9th

In this session, developers will learn the basics of developing mobile applications with Titanium.  We will explore the problems that Titanium seeks to solve, and master the basic concepts necessary to develop any application on Titanium.  Some JavaScript experience will be helpful, but no prior Titanium experience is required.  This session is intended to serve as a jumping off point for developers brand new to Titanium development.

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What’s New in Titanium 1.8

Tuesday, January 10th

In this session, developers will be introduced to the new features, fixes, and performance enhancements in Titanium Mobile 1.8.  Platform developers will be on hand to answer your questions about the latest developments in Titanium Mobile.

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Best Practices in Mobile Development

Wednesday, January 11th

In this session, we will share emerging techniques and best practices for Titanium Mobile development, from code structure, to creating custom components, to techniques for memory management.  Learn tips and tricks from the trenches with Appcelerator engineers and top community developers.

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Targeting e-Readers with Titanium Mobile

Thursday, January 12th

New content-centric, e-reader tablets provide exciting opportunities for developers to monetize their Android applications.  Learn how to use Titanium to deploy your applications to these new form factors.  Special guest stars TripLingo will be on hand to share their experiences with the Barnes and Noble NOOK store.

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Full-Stack Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Friday, January 13th

In this session, developers will learn how to create full-stack mobile solutions with Titanium Mobile on the front-end, and web services deployed to Red Hat’s OpenShift platform on the back-end.  With Titanium Studio as a unified development environment, developing mobile applications leveraging web services in the cloud has never been easier.  The presentation will center around a fully realized, open source mobile application, working across multiple form factors, with live web services running on OpenShift.  Content will be highly technical, focusing on mobile development best practices, sample code, and back-end development/deployment techniques.

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  1. These webminars look very interesting and promising but I won’t be able to watch them on those times. Can these be maid available later? I would be very interested on that. Thanks

  2. Indeed – these look highly relevant and good! am looking forward to both partaking and am glad to know recordings are available for review.

  3. hi,

    +1 for making them available for later viewing – I lost the first ones and would love to start from the begninning!

    • @Anand we’re going to switch back to webex, which has a Linux client. We also recorded all of the sessions for later viewing, which will be available on a page we’ll be putting up on Monday on our dot com site. We’ll post about it on our blog.

  4. Hi.. I obviously need the training webinars because I have absolutely no idea what is being talked about… Rgds,

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