UDID Changes for 2.0

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Hi Titanium Developers,

The Titanium 2.0 release is just around the corner! One of the changes coming in this release covers the way in which we uniquely identify devices for our integrated analytics product. Apple has recently made changes to their review process affecting applications that use the unique device identifier property, now deprecated in their SDK. As per common industry practices, our analytics product had used this value to anonymously track usage data for application developers.

Now that this property cannot be used on iOS, we have changed our analytics product to now generate a random value upon installation that will act as a unique identifier for an application install. For all applications packaged with Titanium 2.0, this new value will be used to track analytics, even in the case where an existing Titanium app is updated with 2.0. As a result, you may notice some artificial jumps in your install data in analytics, as existing application installs start reporting analytics with this new value.

This issue will not affect Android applications at all. If you have any comments or concerns with regard to UDID and how we are (no longer) handling it inside Titanium for 2.0, please contact community@appcelerator.com.


  1. Will this unique ID value be made available to Titanium developers to use in our own apps as well? How can we track installs and unique registered devices in our own APIs now?