Upcoming 1.1 Release – March 22

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Just in time for CTIA conference next week, we’ll be updating Titanium Mobile SDK to the 1.1 release.

1.1 Release

This release will be a maintenance release. We have focused on 3 major parts for the release:

  • Critical and high priority fixes reported by Pro subscribers and issues that are widespread and reported by the community
  • Continued improvements around API support for Android
  • Initial iPad support for Titanium Developer and the new Tablet SDK. Updates for iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 5

The 1.1 release will be available to everyone on Monday after full round of regression testing. We will make the new Titanium Tablet SDK available to Pro subscribers (as a separate drop) while we work through some of the initial rough edges and to give our subscribers a first crack at it. We intend to do a 1.2 release to add additional iPad UI capabilities to the new Table SDK on April 5th, just in time for the public iPad availability. The 1.2 will release will continue to have more general Titanium bug fixes.

General Roadmap

We have several major roadmap plans that we’re currently working on but no specific schedule yet but pay attention here for more details soon. I thought I’d address a few of them here just to give you some ideas of what’s coming soon.


Blackberry is one of our most requested features and we get many emails every single day asking when Blackberry will be available. I’m happy to say we have engineering resources working on this and don’t yet have a firm date yet. However, we will be announcing very soon the schedule and supported phones, features, etc.


We’re working on a built-in Titanium Developer javascript debugger. This will give you the ability to debug your application code both on device and in the simulator and do the normal items you’d expect: set breakpoints, catch exceptions, etc.


We’re hoping to announce very soon an Advertising set of APIs to add advertising to your applications.


And of course, we have had literally several thousand feature requests and we’re working through trying to prioritize them. The best way to help us influence general bug fixes and new feature requests is through the Titanium Pro Subscription.

As a closing note, if you’ve recently bought a subscription – THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Many of you have stepped up to buy the subscription and we have many giggles and grins around the office these days. It really feels good that many of you value the continued work we’re doing around here and that you think Titanium is important enough and valuable enough to invest in it with us. We thank you.

P.S. if you’re at CTIA next week, I’d love to meet with you. please send me an email at jhaynie at appcelerator dot com or send me a twitter message at @jhaynie.


  1. I appreciate that TM has a free edition. However… I’d like to get my hands on the early access beta’s for iPad development but as an indie developer can’t justify the monthly subscription fee (and you guys dropped the “indie subscription” which was reasonable).
    If I tweet how cool you guys are, can I get access to the beta’s ? 😀

  2. Hi,

    nothing about your schedule but, only for say , the new forum is really impracticable
    and not useful for searching answers

    do you plan to put a true forum ?

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