Upcoming 1.7.3 Release

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A quick note to let everyone know about our plans to release 1.7.3 in the near future. As everyone is probably aware, there is an Apple event tomorrow, Tuesday October 4th, to talk about the iPhone. We’re expecting that they’ll announce the final version of the iOS 5 SDK and potentially the iPhone 5.

We’ve been addressing issues over the last week on problems found with the latest beta of the iOS 5 SDK and are currently testing those items in preparation for the announcement that the final SDK has been released. Once we have the final SDK, we will begin testing 1.7.3 against that SDK to see if there are any additional items that need to be addressed before we release. If no additional changes are required, we expect to release 1.7.3 on Friday.

In the event that iPhone 5 ships before Friday, we will make one additional change to allow deploying to that device and incorporate that into 1.7.3. If the device doesn’t ship, we will update the continuous integration build for Release 1.7.4 with that device id as soon as we have a device in our hands. We will then begin testing against the new device and working to address issues found for a subsequent release.

There are currently 20 items addressed for iOS and Android in Release 1.7.3.


  1. Based on Today’s event. There is an iPhone 4S and iOS 5. iOS 5 becomes available on Oct 12th so as soon as that’s released, we’ll be ready to test with it.

  2. Hi Don,

    Can you confirm that the apps built on 1.7.2 will work well with iOS5? Or will we need to update the apps with the new OS? Are there key parts of the API that will be deprecated?


  3. As iOS 5 GM is already released, you should be able to test it right away. In iOS’s history the GM has always been the final release.

    • @muchacho Desktop is still in development – mobile does command the most attention and resources these days, but desktop isn’t going anywhere.

  4. @Kevin Great, can’t wait for new Desktop realease! It’s really a great platform for rapid development of small and medium desktop applications

  5. We are currently evaluating apps built with the 1.7.2 SDK on devices running iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. Apps appear to install fine on both. There has also been some good progress on our upcoming 1.7.3 release which addresses iOS 5 issues and you can expect that release very soon!

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