Update on Codestrong, and TiConfs coming in 2014 to a city near you!

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We’ve received many questions recently about our plan for Codestrong and we have a big update for you. While we truly love bringing people together in San Francisco, after much consideration we decided it would be better to focus our energy this year in a broader, more global distribution of events. The Appcelerator team (including me) will have a strong presence at these events, and we’ll work hard to provide the best experience we can.

Appcelerator partner Tipsy & Tumbler is doing amazing work putting together TiConfs around the world, and we wanted to provide as much support as we can for this community led event. With these events, you will have an Appcelerator conference taking place near your region – regardless of where you live in the world. TiConf will be coming to Amsterdam, Bangalore, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, New York City, and South America in 2014!

In addition to the TiConf events taking place around the globe, we’ll continue to support and encourage events like AppCamp, hackathons and meetups all across the globe.

If you’d like to attend one (or more!) of these events, visit tiConf.org and sign up for updates. We’ll be providing updates along the way for all of these events, so stay tuned.

If you are interested in hosting your own event with sponsorship and support from Appcelerator, please check out how to get started or email us at community@appcelerator.com. Also, if you’d like to help sponsor an event, we’d love to hear from you as well.


  1. Hi Jeff, The last CodeStrong has a great video archive of presentations through Vimeo and I often use them as refreshers, things the memory management presentation from Rick Blalock are just plain great. Will you be keeping a similar archive for developers who can’t make it to these events? Thanks!

    • Hey Matthew – yes, for tiConf all presentations will be recorded and made available after each conference.

  2. If you’re coming to tiConf, don’t forget to sign up for training the week before from Codex Labs! We’ll be training at almost every conference this year! Classroom.codexlabs.com

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