Updated training videos

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Appcelerator Training has updated its online video training series Building Native Apps with Titanium. You can watch this free ten-part video series by visiting https://vimeopro.com/appcelerator/building-native-mobile-applications

This series has been updated to cover key Titanium 2.0 features, including Appcelerator Cloud Services, Mobile Web, and the new composite layout specification. Also updated are the accompanying labs, which are posted at https://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/td/TCAD+Course+Labs Most labs include a sample project to download. The finished code for one lab is typically provided as the starting point code of the next lab. But you can skip to the chase and download all the lab code from https://github.com/appcelerator-training/tcad-code

The videos are a great way to learn Titanium. But I encourage you to attend a live class with Appcelerator or one of our training partners. Such classes offer opportunities for real-time assistance, question, and answer, plus interaction with your peers to create a superior learning environment.

Once you’ve watched the videos, why not take the next step and become a certified Titanium developer? Visit the Marketplace to purchase access to the TCAD (Titanium Certified App Developer) exam. If you pass, you’ll join an elite group of roughly 1,000 certified Titanium developers. You’ll be listed in our DevLink directory and receive logos to include in blogs, web sites, or your LinkedIn profile. Certification will help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge and stand out in the competitive mobile development market.

(In order to keep the same URLs and not break any inbound links, we’ve replaced the old videos with new files. Unfortunately, this sleight-of-hand also preserved the last-update date making the videos look as if they are 8 months old. Sorry for the confusion that causes.)

Tim Poulsen,
Training Curriculum and Certification Lead


    • Sorry about that. Apparently, the original link was tied to my OpenID. I’ve fixed it and the link should work now.

  1. The videos are great. This is a great way to learn Titanium. I’m interested to be a certified Titanium Developer. I will encourage my friend to take the exam with me.