Updating to Android 22.6.1 Tools

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Google released a new update today (3/18) to their Android developer tooling. This update still contains a bug (to be fixed in 22.6.2) that prevents the creation of AVDs from the command line. This impacts Studio and any other Android-related tooling that uses this functionality. Unless you explicitly need to upgrade we recommend you hold off updating until at least version 22.6.2 is released.

How to track resolution of this issue?

Track here for the upcoming release fixing AVD creation, and TIMOB-16640 for the new issue created by 22.6.1.

How do I fix this problem?

Download a previous version of the Android tools:


  1. How can I found out which version of Android Tools is installed?
    How can I switch to the older version, if the new one (22.6) is already installed?
    TIA Stephan

  2. I had 22.6.2 installed today. When looking at the Android Emulator dropdown, all the ADT device definitions were showing but no AVDs. Is this part of the same problem and was just not addressed in the 22.6.2 release, or is it something new?

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