Updating to Android Platform Tools Version 21

Google released an update (Version 21) to their Android developer tooling. This update appears to have a number of issues including breaking the usage of Genymotion emulators and Android application packaging. Unless you explicitly need to upgrade, we recommend you hold off updating until Google and Genymotion provide some additional updates.

How to track resolution of this issue?

See TIMOB-17872 as this discusses the issue. Watch this issue for when either a fix is checked into nightly builds or upstream components have been fixed.

How do I fix this problem?

You can download the previous version of the tools:


  1. I’m a new Titanium programmer (started 2 days ago) and I just started working with version 3.4 (!)

    I’ve faced some problems with Titanium version 3.4 and Android SDK and Genymotion, but luckily I found some fix / workaround 🙂

    a) from Android SDK Manager I de-selected all API above 20.

    b) “adb” from Genymotion was conflicting with Android SDK “adb”: I renamed the one from Genymotion and later Genymotion asked to manually select the “adb” from the Android SDK.

    c) I think the Titanium CLI commands are useful to understand / setup the Titanium platform : working from Studio is nice but sometimes error messages are hard to understand.
    I found some CLI command can be useful.

    What I need to figure out is how to speed compilation time: even for a simple Hello World app it takes some seconds (emulation time is ok with Genymotion or Intel HAMX) : any hint?


    I stated to defrag my Hard Drive… 🙂

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