Webinar: Three Rules for iOS 7 Readiness

Are your apps ready for iOS 7? The new look and feel, coupled with over 1,500 (!) new APIs, make this the most ambitious release of iOS since its initial launch. But the magnitude of change represented by iOS 7, and the swiftness with which users are expected to upgrade, presents a major challenge for organizations and app owners. Current apps will likely need modification, perhaps extensive modification, in order to run properly and effectively on iOS 7.


 Thursday, August 29th

Time: 9am PDT

Presenters: Jonathan Rende, Appcelerator’s VP of Products



This webinar will address key questions surrounding iOS 7, including:

  • How to ensure the user experience of apps are as good (or better) on the new version
  • Risk and mitigation strategies for regressions that might affect app usability, functionality or stability
  • Methods to understand if users are experiencing problems in the upgraded app (other than waiting to hear complaints or read bad reviews)

Join Jonathan Rende, Appcelerator’s VP of products, as he helps to chart the course for full iOS 7 readiness.


  1. Cannot sign up for a thinkmobile webinar on iOS 7 using my iPad with either Safari or Chrome.  
    Cracks me up there is NOT a mobile solution.

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