Weekly Marketplace Update: Earn 20% Off Your Next Marketplace Purchase by Telling Us About Your Apps Using Appcelerator Modules

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Are you using any Appcelerator modules in your apps?  If so, let us know!

Have you successfully published an application using an Appcelerator module? Earn 20% off your next Marketplace purchase by tweeting about your app and including the #mp_module hashtag in your message. We’ll catch the tweet, retweet it via @AppcMarketplace and DM you with your coupon code.

New Components:


1. Couchbase Mobile for iOS

Provides schema-free storage of JSON documents, outstanding data replication, and an easy HTTP interface. This module makes it easy to embed the Couchbase Mobile build on CouchDb in your Titanium apps.


2. Parse iOS Module

Uses native iOS code from parse.com and gives developers access to Objects, Queries, and Users.

Dirty Socks

3. Dirty Socks – Socket.io

Make your apps in real time with websockets via socket.io.


Sweet Tab Button

4.Sweet Tab Button

Adds a nice button like Foursquare or Instagram onto your TabGroup. Customize color, icon image, and title text.

Mobile Pop-up

5. 8 Mobile Pop-up Designs

8 unique mobile pop-up designs that can be used for specials, pop-up notifications or anything else you can dream up.

Want to publish your code?  Watch our "5 Secrets to Successfully Publishing in Appcelerator’s Marketplace" webinar.

Last Thursday we had a great webinar with Marketplace’s #1 Publisher, Ruben Fonseca who walked through his five secrets to success:

  1. Publish Code you’ve already written
  2. Develop multiple components
  3. Be responsive to your customers
  4. Create great marketing materials
  5. Price it right

Want to learn more? Watch the complete webcast here!

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