Welcome Mario Cavagnari as Vice President of Japan and Latin America Sales!

Blog Callout

After starting and running his own company, Mario Cavagnari planned to take some time off. However, knowing how valuable he’d be to Appcelerator, I wasn’t going to let that happen. So, today I’m thrilled to announce the newest member of the Appcelerator crew: Mario Cavagnari.

Joining us as Vice President of Japan and Latin America Sales, Mario’s experience leading high-performance sales efforts in these regions will be crucial as we ramp up our investments in Japan and Latin America.

Mario was most recently CEO & Co-founder of SimplyBox, a platform for lightweight integrations. Prior to SimplyBox, he headed up a divisional sales organization at Apple, and before that he ran worldwide operations for Saratoga Systems. He has an extensive background developing and growing territories in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Read more about his experience and role in this press release.

Japan and Latin America – home to more than 70,000 Appcelerator developers – have seen major enterprise growth and modernization in recent years, and we will be expanding our efforts there as the regions begin to capitalize on the opportunities of mobile.

We can’t wait to get Mario up and running in those regions. Here’s a bit more about him, in his own words:

How did you get here?

Well, I planned to take some time off after starting and running a company, but opportunities to really change the game don’t happen very often. So, here I am at Appcelerator, a great company with the opportunity to truly disrupt how companies leverage mobility to serve their employees and their customers. Appcelerator has great technology, solid leadership, nice corporate culture, and perfect market timing.

On top of all that, I’m truly impressed by Appcelerator’s incredible customers, partners and the community of 550,000 mobile developers. They are one of a kind.

Tell us about your plans in this new position.

Leading Appcelerator’s efforts to penetrate and expand Japan and Latin America also brings me back to two geographies I know well – both personally and professionally. Each of these regions has its own peculiarities, but the power and the possibilities of mobile are just as present there as in North America. The model we will use in this initial market development phase is quite similar to what I have used throughout my career – strong leveraging of local and global partners.

Mobility is not just another flavor. It will be the core way employees and customers will access/interact with internal and external information. And with the Appcelerator Platform, companies will be able to scale mobile across their enterprise as they go from a handful of apps to hundreds.

Sounds like you enjoy enterprise mobility as much as the rest of the Appcelerator team. What else do you like to do?

I love to spend time with my wife, my son and my daughter. I also love to travel – I’m fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. And, I’m a sucker for wine – particularly Baralos, but more recently Patagonia Pinots.

Mario Cavagnari