Welcome to the new Appcelerator Developer Center

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Today, along with the Titanium 1.0 GA release, we’d excited to release the new developer center website. This website is for developers by developers.

Here are some of the features of the new website you’ll want to checkout.

This Blog

With the new site, we’re launching this blog as a blog focused on this website and more specifically, you as a developer. We’ll continue to post general company information and events over on Appcelerant – however, this blog will be more regular and will be mostly technical or site related. On a technical note, we will enable support for comments, RSS feeds, etc very soon.

New Community Q&A

Inspired by Stack Overflow, we’ve created a new community driven support forum. This new Q&A feature will replace the existing Tender-based Support forums at http://www.support.net. We were unable to migrate the data, so you’ll have to bare with us as we build up the new content. We’ll keep the old site out there for awhile during the transition. However, you’ll need to post new questions to the new page.

The new Q&A is designed to give credit where credit is due – you. If you participate you’ll get Appcelerator cred. These points come along with some nifty badges and an ability to get more tangible stuff (both fun and real) in the near future.

With the Appcelerator community growing by literally thousands of new members each week, the new Q&A will also also give us a better ability to participate along side the community is helping you. We’ve introduced voting at the question-level, as well as voting among answers. If you ask a question, make sure you select the best answer (once you receive one). This will give you extra points and reward the user who helped answer your question. It will also make it easier for others to find the Q&A later.

As you create new issues, it’s important to tag them. Tagging them will also help you find other similar issues more quickly and makes searching for issues easier. However, when choosing a tag, try and be sensible. Nobody likes crazy tag names and we don’t either. If you create a tag for the first time, you’ll get some points. If your tag is used a bunch, you’ll get a lot more points and a chance to win a special badge.

AppU Training

We’re introducing a bunch of new training series – especially in the advanced tiers. A lot of the training has been reworked with the new 1.0 release and is FREE. We also are introducing an advanced series that are available for a small fee. We have a long list of new training courses – both live and on-demand – that are coming out over the next quarter so stay tuned to this area of the site for new content in the training catalog. If you’re interested in helping create new training content or interesting in performing training in your region – please contact us at info@appcelerator.com.

API documentation

With the new 1.0 release, we’re updating all of the documentation with much better API documentation for both desktop and mobile. We still have a long way to go to making code examples for each and every API – however, the new API documentation should be much better than ever. We have have a much nicer search capability for search the documentation. Within an API section (such as mobile or desktop), search will only be performed within that section to keep your search relevant within that context.

My Appcelerator

A companion to the Developer Community is a new administration website we call My Appcelerator. My Appcelerator is the place where you can manage your applications, launch analytics and manage your subscription (if you’re not a community member) such as billing, member management, etc.

Pardon the Construction

While we’ve done extensive testing on the new website, we’ve got issues I’m sure. Please help us find those issues by reporting them to info@appcelerator.com. Please do not open Q&A issue for site related bugs or problems. That would really help keep Q&A related to the products, not the website.

Thank you!

And as always, we really appreciate you being part of our community. We’re trying to make the world a better place and more important, give you the best platform to make desktop and mobile apps. Thanks for your continued support. We heart you.