What’s New in the AMPLIFY Developer Portal?

With the announcement of the new AMPLIFY Developer Portal at the end of March, we introduced one place to find all developer-focused Axway content including announcements, blogs, technical documentation and tutorials. It’s a popular place for our developers to find information for mobile app development as well as API development.

We have new and more content for you now! Today, when you step inside the AMPLIFY Developer Portal, you’ll find two new areas for developers and administrators of:

  1. AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer
  2. AMPLIFY Syncplicity

If you are not familiar with AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer (MFT), it provides central governance and audit capabilities to move files securely for confident business process exchange with employees, partners or customers. What is unique about our solution is that we bundled an API management layer and real-time analytics with MFT. The new content in the AMPLIFY Developer Portal makes it easy to find Get Started Guides, videos, demos, AMPLIFY Marketplace service accelerators like sample apps and templates as well as access to technical documentation.

Axway’s Content Collaboration offering is Syncplicity, an easy to use, secure file sync, sharing and collaboration solution for businesses. It provides data encryption, user management, privacy controls, and mobile policies to protect sensitive information. The new content in the AMPLIFY Developer Portal allows you find everything you need to know about Syncplicity functionality as well as the Syncplicity API and AMPLIFY Marketplace complementary add-ons (e.g. support for JIRA, Confluence and iOS and Android apps).

So, please check out the updated AMPLIFY Developer Portal today!

We are constantly updating the portal with information about events and new technical materials. We are excited to provide more content to all Axway customers and welcome our MFT and Syncplicity users.

Let us know what you built, or are planning to build, and please pass the word around about this portal. You can contact us at devportal@axway.com