What’s this App U Thing All About?

Appcelerator University

When we launched 4.0 and Arrow earlier this month and announced a new day for the Platform, we were excited to see what the response would be. So far we’ve seen over 25,000 beta signups and are looking forward to dispensing with invites and fully opening the doors in the coming days.

One of the highlights of our revamped website that we were especially excited to share with you is App U. It’s a curated collection of videos and tutorials, covering everything from cross-platform concepts to detailed examples and code walkthroughs.

Appcelerator University
The goal in building App U was to enable our users by providing short consumable videos that help you get in, and get on to success with the Platform in no time flat. Fun fact: it was built using our new Arrow capabilities, so you know we’re eating our own dogfood.

Here are some of the features to check out:


  • Streamlined Browsing: Access videos by channel or series, so you can find just what you need just when you need it.



  • Quick Bites: Easily consumable info on the topics that matter most to the community.



  • Event replays: Whether it’s one of our tech talk web-events or a conference presentation, we have a channel where you can find and replay the events you can’t attend live.



  • Code samples: to help you learn by doing, there are interaction points in select videos that link to Gists on Github so you can see, download and play with the code being discussed.



  • Mobile App: Access App U content with any device and on-the-go (App Store and Play Store).


Sound good so far? Explore App U for yourself and let us know what you think – we are continuously adding new content and functionality, so there should always be something new to learn!


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