Windows 8 Support, What’s Going On?

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We’ve had many requests for Windows 8 support, and we’ve been working hard on it. Our aim was to release something by December 2013, but we’re not there yet.

As announced in July, we’re pushing really hard on Ti.Next. We knew from the start that we’d want to build Windows 8 support into Ti.Next off the bat, but now we’ve realized that means not building Windows 8 support for Ti.Current. This was a tough choice, but it will lead to our next generation of technology being in your hands sooner, with the downside being a bit longer wait before we can offer Windows 8.

In December, we released support for Windows Hybrid to a select set of customers. Our Windows Hybrid solution supports both Windows 8 phones and Windows 8 tablets. During compilation of the Titanium-built app, a WebView is created that wraps the Titanium code. A hybrid application is then created that can be uploaded to the Windows App Store. Once we get enough feedback from this limited release, we will make our Windows Hybrid support generally available.

We will be releasing a developer preview version that is Hyperloop based and includes native Windows support in Q1 followed by a beta release in Q3 of Ti.Next. Our new official release date for Ti.Next is now planned for Q4 2014.

I will continue to provide status updates on these capabilities over the coming months.



  1. Hi,

    I have a question about build type. Is it produces the native view output (same like Android and iOS) or it work like PhoneGap (Web view)?

    What I understand from above is Ti is going to support native views (same like current iOS and Android) in Dev preview.

    Can I get access to the Windows version please.

    Thank you,
    Naga Harish.

  2. I really feel that you have let the worlds development community down with what you have announce now. To me it sounds like the delivery of a Windows 8 solution will be a year late at least and by that time Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will have evolved even more.

    Now that Windows Phone is the third major phone operating system and that it is out-selling IOS devices in at least 10 countries I would have thought that you would have give more focus to it.

    • @John – I understand your concern and feelings. If it wasn’t for Ti.Next we would have had Windows support out by now. But when we looked our resources and the future of our Titanium core, we made the decision to focus on releasing Ti.Next so that we could have stronger support for iOS, Android, BB, and Windows in the future. We took short term hit with Windows support for a longer term win with Windows.

  3. Is this going to be REAL support, though, or is it going to be the same as Tizen. I contracted an application for Tizen development, only to find out that its basically just Mobile Web.

  4. Q4 2014, really frustrating. As far I know, windows 9 will be released in 2015. So when you’ll release W8, developers have to be ready for W9. Still should developers wait for your updates?

  5. So basically waited 1 year for a hybrid wrapper. announced back in July, so ~ 7 months to figure out wp8 support for ti.current doesn’t make sense?

    There goes another year.

  6. When you say Windows 8, are you referring to the desktop and laptop platform only? Or does that include Windows Phone support?

  7. As I read this post and getting idea about appcelerator site and your support system. I appreciate that you are releasing the support level updates like Windows.
    Thank You for the information.

  8. I see a lot of frustrated people here.

    Obviously all of us are waiting anxiously for Windows support, but I preffer to wait for a STRONG support and more capabilities to the end of the year, than for a poor current support (with foreseeably lots of bugs).

    If I were you, I would do the same: make people to wait but do things well done.

    Just be sure to do the last statement: do things well.

  9. Does this mean that when Ti.Next is released, if I want an existing app that I previously made with Titanium to now support Windows Phone, I will have to migrate it to the new SDK? Any idea on how difficult or time consuming that will be? Will it be seamless (please say yes)? Who can I contact about being considered for the preview and beta releases? I’m developing an enterprise application with Titanium, and it looks like the windows phone version is gonna be required sooner than I thought.

    • @David – The transition from the current Titanium (Ti.Current) to Ti.Next should be seamless. There may need to be some modification to the code, but it will be minimal.

      Currently we have a developer preview of hyperloop out (this is the compiler that is the base of Ti.Next). When we have a beta of Ti.Next available we will blog about here so that you can download and try it out.

  10. Completely supportive of the move to focus on a stronger Ti.Next but I do have to ask this since my client wants Windows support for their tablet app… is there a tentative date or is it too far in the future to tell at this point?

  11. Any eta on when a preview or early release may be available? I have a client who is after Win8 support for a start of August 2014 timeframe and need to select the technology within the next two weeks to use for it. I’d really like to consider appcelerator for this but without any guide of timeline it’s going to be very hard to justify. Any update would be incredibly helpful.

  12. Hi,

    I developed (with my little company) and published on Apple Store and Google Play Store an app entirely developed in Titanium free edition (without Appcelerator services), it has been an hard work, but I’m very satisfy of the final result.

    I’m really interested to become a “selected set of customers” to try to adapt my app in Windows Phone.

    Is it possible try your beta product with the goal to release the app on Windows Store under your supervision and with our feedbacks?

    Thanks in advance for the attention,


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