WWDC 2018: Recap & Titanium Support

We reported live from the Apple WWDC 2018 conference last week. Thanks to those that followed our Instagram story. Today, I’d like to give a quick heads up about Titanium-related changes that you might be interested in. If you are not aware of the general iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 and Xcode 10 changes, make sure to read this TechCrunch article for a heads up on those topics.

What’s new for Titanium?

For the Titanium iOS-SDK, there are tons of new features that can be used to enhance the capabilities of your application. Some personal favorites are:

1. The “New Build System” is now default
Apple introduced the new build system in Xcode 9 and makes it the new default in Xcode 10. For Titanium developers, nothing will change here, since we will support the new build system internally.

2. Siri Shortcuts
As an addition to the SiriKit API’s introduced in iOS 10 (see how to implement it with Titanium here, iOS 12 offers a new and more customizable way of using Siri in your app. This is done by letting the user link certain actions of your app to phrases that the user can define – for example “Show my Article”. There are two ways of implementing this functionality: Via Intents or User Activities. In fact, Titanium supports Intents via SiriKit and User Activities via the Ti.App.iOS.UserActivity API already today. The upcoming Titanium release will therefore only expose the specific new APIs to configure shortcuts, so you can integrate it easily.

3. Autofill Improvements
Back in iOS 10, Apple added a number of options that can be used to auto-fill your text fields with certain content-types, like credit-cards, username, mail addresses and more. In iOS 12, they add more options like password-reset and one-time codes, so your app is able to automatically fill your one-time code received from your SMS. For example, this can be a huge UX-improvement for banking apps and apps that use OAuth2-flows. In addition, iOS 12 offers an API to validate the strength of a password by defining password rules that can be applied to your text-fields. Luckily, we already finished this feature! It is currently in review and will be merged once iOS 12 comes close to GA.

4. Grouped Notifications
Finally, one thing that really caught our attention are grouped notifications. In iOS 12 and later, developers will be able to set a threadIdentifier that groups selected notifications of your app together, so you can for example distinguish between certain notification categories that your app already implements. This feature is also ready for review and will be included for day 1 of the iOS 12 support.


We are currently doing the final touches for Titanium SDK 7.2.0, which will be released shortly.

After that, the next release will be 7.3.0, which already has 144 merged pull requests and only 1 ticket open. It is currently in internal testing and can be tried out using appc ti sdk install -b 7_3_X. We cannot commit to an exact release date, but you can follow the milestones via JIRA and GitHub to track the current progress of it.

Finally, the 7.4.0 release this fall will include full Xcode 10, iOS 12 and watchOS 5 compatibility. We are already testing the first changes – and it is looking good. We’ll share more about that as the Beta cycle continues.

What’s Next?

We are currently busy implementing all relevant core features of iOS 12 for you, so your Titanium apps can make use of the new APIs from day 1. In addition, there are hundreds of other small changes that you should check out.

If you think we are missing an important feature for the core SDK or you are noticing glitches that you think should be looked at, make sure
to reach out to us either via JIRA or TiSlack to ask the community for additional help.

Code strong!