Xcode 4.3 and Titanium

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UPDATE (3/19/2012): Xcode 4.3 is now supported in our continuous integration builds. Go to https://build.appcelerator.net to get it, and make sure you are downloading from the master branch.

UPDATE (3/16/2012): You can get Xcode 4.3 working with Titanium as detailed in this post: https://developer.appcelerator.com/blog/2012/03/titanium-and-xcode-4-3-revisited.html

Apple has recently released Xcode 4.3, which some developers have already started adopting. Please note that per our compatibility matrix here, Xcode 4.2 is the latest Xcode version that can work with Titanium. We are working to add Xcode 4.3 support as soon as we can.

An unsupported and untested workaround can be found on the Q&A here, but your mileage will vary. Please refrain from upgrading your Xcode tools to version 4.3 until we can release tooling support for that version.

Thanks, and we’ll update this post as we have new information.


  1. The problem is that the dynamic library load paths in the ios-sim tool provided as part of the Titanium SDK point to the /Developer/Platforms/… tree, not the new structure under /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/. Rebuilding ios-sim as described in my comment to TISTUD-1196 (https://jira.appcelerator.org/browse/TISTUD-1196) is a workaround until the SDK is updated.

  2. It seems that the XCODE 4.2 is not available for download at apple.com anymore.

    Because of this new Titanium users stuck with the installation (as well as I stuck with setting up a new iMAC).

  3. There should probably be notice of this elsewhere. I’ve been trying to figure out why it wasn’t working. Installing/Uninstalling etc.

  4. This is very unfortunate. I followed the advice given inside Titanium Studio under the configuration tab, it points to the App Store and asks you to download xcode Version 4.0 +.
    Now I’m stuck, because I downloaded 4.3 and although I have also downloaded 4.2 the 4.2 Version can no longer be installed, because I installed and later deinstalled 4.3. Now, when running the 4.2 installer it sez that 4.2 can not be installed because there is another version of Xcode on my computer.

  5. I just ran into this problem …

    What is the use of a setup guide that guides you to install something that you cannot use, and no info about it at all?

    That setup guide launches appstore on XCode, and appstore will always use the latest version of the software it lets you download.

    I wasted the time it takes to D/L XCode 4.3 and the time it took me to find out that the setupguide is useless.

  6. We are working on Xcode 4.3 support right now – you are right, it does suck that our dashboard directs you to download 4.3 when it currently doesn’t work, I will report that to the Studio team.

  7. this is good news; looks like apple denies uploads for apps build with 4.2.1 now. at least that’s what the validation step in xcode organizer told me 5mins ago.

  8. Frank, In order to install Xcode 4.2 you will need to:

    1.Uninstalled Xcode 4.3

    2. Delete the ‘Developer’ folder

    3. Delete ‘Install xcode’ from the Applications folder

    4. Run the Xcode 4.2 installer (this will create the ‘Install Xcode’ program in your Applications folder)

    5. Reboot your mac

    6. Run the ‘Install Xcode’ program in your Applications folder.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Doesn’t really help that we can install 4.2 if it’s true that we can’t upload an app built in 4.2 to the appstore

  10. @Kevin Farrow
    Thx for your comment!
    This only works on one of my machines. On the other ones where I have opened Xcode 4.3, or rather the iOS simulator (while trying to get Titanium to work) I can no longer install Xcode 4.2. Even if I trash 4.3 and reboot and do all sorts of other voodoo things it just won’t let me install 4.2 anymore.

  11. Hello,
    this should be sent by mail to every titanium user with a big warning !
    very disapointed.

    I upgraded my iphone to last IOS. xcode organizer would not let me upload new app to my iphone for test purposes. So I upgraded xcode to 4.3…
    now I’m stuck and will probably loose a day to fix this…

    I am very surprised that this is not handled better by you guys.
    Hope this will sort out fast.

    best regards

    • We historically have not done e-mail notifications for these types of issues, but we will be doing so for critical issues in the future.

  12. I don’t seem to be able to install Xcode 4.2 on my MacOS 10.7.3 machine – it tells me that it’s not compatible with my system. This seems quite a major problem since it means that I can’t currently develop using Titanium. Is there a solution? Do I have to downgrade my MacOS? It looks like you’ve been aware of this problem for almost a month. Is a fix due soon?

  13. Hi All,

    I have faced the same problem as discussed above and after reading all the comments I have Uninstalled the SDK 4.3 and then I download the SDK 4.2.1 for Lion from the link give Above by Kevin Whinnery:


    I have successfully uninstalled and also successfully installed the SDK 4.2.1 for Lion and I didn’t face any problem. Everything working fine now. Thanks for all the help provided.

  14. I have just fallen into this hole today. Been away from Titanium for a couple of weeks. Was on Snow Leopard..updated my iPhone to 5.1…..realised I needed XCode 4.3…realised I need to update to Lion…another 2 days later (because Lion has a major issue which means the installer does not work with Bootcamp partitions installed as it needs to install a hidden recovery partition) after complete system reinstall and build…and then can’t compile in Ti Studio. This has been a proverbial pain in the ass. Appcelerator have really dropped the ball on the XCode 4.3 compatibility issue, just like Apple really dropped the ball on the partition problem with OS X.

    Anyway after this rant, successfully reinstalled XCode 4.2 for Lion (note there are separate versions of 4.2 for Snow Leopard and Lion) taking care not to install the command line tools (which would probably conflict with the already installed 4.3 tools). Now Ti Studio works as before (using XCode 4.2)!

    Moral of the story: be very careful before upgrading anything!!

  15. What I don’t understand is why Appcelerator is letting it’s Developer base languish, telling them to DOWNGRADE to 4.2 instead of putting up a public Pre-Release or Beta of this “upcoming” Titanium 2.0 that is *supposed* to support XCode 4.3

    Frankly, this is very disappointing, I’ve never seen a development platform so unwilling to support it’s developers. And no — telling people to sit and wait and poo-pooing their attempts at workarounds is not supporting them. It’s telling them to suck it. It really says a lot about Appcelarator as a company and makes me view their product as a risk.

    This is a very bad turn since I had very high regards for Appcelerator products. And while everyone loves to bash Adobe, one thing is sure — Adobe has always had public betas so developers could get a leg up and not wait for the official release to start development. What really irks me is that this is a library and linkage issue — it’s not like the iOS SDK went through a radical overhaul. And it’s not like XCode 4.3 wasn’t available as a Developer Pre-Release for months to give everyone ample time to accomodate it. At the very least, Appcelerator should put out a hot-fix for those who need 4.3 support – you have a supposedly “fixed” version of the iOS Simulator.

    So instead of pushing out some workflow prototypes with Titanium, I’m looking for solutions elsewhere and find my self very scared of using Titanium for any project now or in the future.

  16. I agree with Van Carney generally speaking, although I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have lost faith. It’s just one glitch amongst many regular unnecessary and obvious glitches that have happened certainly over the year I have been using Ti.

    I too compare to Adobe, although its not really a fair comparison given Adobe’s size compared to Appcelerator. Flash was very rough around the edges at the beginning (yes I know it was Macromedia owned then).

    But Appcelerator’s fault is that they try to run too fast and to do all and sundry with (obviously in the past) not enough resources. The complete waste of time with Blackberry is one example.

    At the end of the day I believe in them as they are aware of a lot of the problems, they do listen and are trying very hard to get it right.

    Their biggest problem still in my opinion is rationalising their developer support. It’s still difficult, complicated and confusing to get decent technical support and they sometimes aren’t great at communicating issues to their developers (and I suppose this is a case in point) unless you can afford an enterprise account. But I also know Jeff Haynie talked about this recently as something they are looking at.

  17. Hello,
    managed to update to 4.3 on one computer (ios 5.1, sdk 2.1 from master branch, as written top of page.)

    Seems to work fine, but found some troubles when using row height in table view.

    I have one computer with the last official release, and one computer with the 4.3 context.

    Please see http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/134729/row-height-problem-defaults-to-tableview-height-sdk-210-xcode-43-ios-51

    I have posted some code and screen caps that shows the trouble with the new (unsupported) release.

    I understand it is not yet supported, nut I hope this can help.

    best regards.

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