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Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY — Part 2: Configure Custom Connectors 

Are you at all curious about what it takes to create custom integrations between your apps and external cloud services using AMPLIFY Application Integration,...

GA Release of Titanium SDK 8.2.0

Today, we published the General Availability release of the AMPLIFY™ Titanium SDK. This is a minor release and includes 11 improvements, 11 bug fixes and seven...

Are you ready for Xcode 11 and iOS 13 Development?

With the release of iOS 13, a lot of mobile developers are going to want to install Xcode 11 side-by-side with Xcode 10. This...

Debugging in VS Code

Everyone's been there before. Your code doesn't work like you expect, your coffee cup is dry, and you're out of ideas. You need something...
Dark Mode in iOS 13

Getting started with Dark Mode in iOS 13

Now that iOS 13 is here, you will want to add support for Dark Mode in your next release. Considering Dark Mode is enabled...
Alloy Tech Tip

Creating Custom Tags in Titanium with Alloy

Titanium when used with Alloy MVC is an incredible fast way to build cross-platform native apps using XML, JavaScript and TSS (Titanium Style Sheets). Using...
API Management demonstration on Azure

Automatic deployment of an API Management demonstration on Azure–Part 1: Overview

Since the version 7.5.3, Axway has been working hard to provide its API Management product in container mode, as well as tools to accelerate...
Key takeaways iPhone 11

Key takeaways from the iPhone 11 launch event

Another iPhone launch event has passed and this time Apple revealed the latest generation of the iPhone, named iPhone 11. There were three phones revealed,...

Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY — Part 1: Custom Templates 

These days, have you been wondering what it actually takes to create and launch custom integrations between your apps and external cloud services using...

GA Release of Appcelerator Studio 5.1.4

Today, we published the General Availability version of Appcelerator Studio. This is a patch release with high priority bug fixes. For a more detailed...

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