4-Day Training Course: Learn to Create Apps on Appcelerator Titanium in Mountain View, CA June 12-15

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The mobile world is expanding and enterprises are waking up to the fact that the world’s rapid changes have given them one of two options: adapt or die. According to IDG Research in a poll as recent as February 2012, 71% of Senior IT leaders see mobile as transformational or strategic and yet 50% of enterprises lack mobile developers entirely. So it’s clear that an opportunity is presenting itself to developers- the opportunity to get ahead of the game and learn the in’s and out’s of mobile.

One way to capitalize on this opportunity is to learn mobile from those that know it best. Fortunately, Appcelerator, Inc. is offering courses intended to equip developers with all the knowledge they need to develop, design and implement mobile applications for the iOS and Android devices, which are the top two priorities of mobile developers today according a 2012 survey by IDC. The hands-on instructor-led course aims at helping developers to master key Titanium APIs and understand the end-to-end process of developing a cross-platform Titanium Mobile Application for both iOS and Android devices.

At the end of the course, developers will have a chance to test for certification as a Titanium Certified Mobile Developer, which expresses your proficiency with Titanium to the mobile and developer communities.

The course is split into two parts including Building Native Mobile Apps, which affords developers the opportunity to qualify as a Titanium Certified App Developer (TCAD) and Advanced Titanium Mobile Development which allows TCADs to take their knowledge to a higher plateau by exploring the advanced development techniques necessary to build attractive best of breed mobile applications using a wide range of cross-platform and platform-specific device APIs and test to qualify as a Titanium Certified Mobile Developer (TCMD).

If you need help deciding whether or not to sign up, take a look at our recommendations below:

Who should attend?

  • Mobile developers passionate about constructing new apps
  • Businesses with a desire to create enterprise or B to C apps
  • Web designers looking to move to the app development industry

Why should I attend?

  • Learn best practices in building native applications in mobile
  • Receive interactive updates on ACS (Appcelerator Cloud Services) and Titanium 2.0 release
  • Surround yourself with other developers and gain valuable experiences and expert instruction in the mobile industry

For more information, contact us at training@appcelerator.com.


  1. While this is great(!), it seems a bit pricey for anyone who’s not a business or who just happens to have a few thousand dollars lying around. I apologize for being cynical; it’s just really disappointing.

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