64-bit Support for iOS Apps

3.4.0 GA Release

Update 11/26/2014 : 64-bit support is available in 3.5.0 Alpha build

If you’ve recently submitted iOS Apps to the AppStore, you may be getting the following warning:

The reason for the warning is to remind you that starting in February 1st, 2015, all iOS Apps need to provide 64-bit support. This is not an error nor is it a reason for rejection of your app.

Titanium will provide you with 64-bit support and as the time approaches we’ll be publishing the steps to take to update your apps and native modules.

Make sure your follow the 64-bit set of tickets on Jira to stay up-to-date on the status and to know when CI and GA versions are made available.


    • @Chris, sorry it wasn’t clear (I updated the text), but yes, Appcelerator will provide this support and we’ll be soon publishing the steps to take to update apps and modules.

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