ABC’s Writer released as Open Source

3d abstract architecture background

We’ve had some users ask about the new modules that we released yesterday and we thought we’d release ABC’s Writer as an Open Source project. ABC’s Writer is a simple project that utilizes the Paint for iOS module that we released yesterday.

To download the source please feel free to check out the code from the GitHub repo. Make sure you download the Paint for iOS module and put in the the project root folder.

Here are a couple of screenshots of it running in the iPad Simulator.

For now this app is only for iOS 4.2 and only for the iPad.

Code Strong!


  1. […] for iOS und Paint for iOS sind fertig kompiliert und im Quellcode frei verfügbar. Auch gibt es mit ABC’s Writer eine Demo-Anwendung für Paint for iOS fürs iPad – ebenfalls mit […]

  2. This looks great, and i’ve got it running in the sim, however is there any chance of some documentation or source code so we can see what methods etc we have access to? right now all we can do is draw lines, but I wonder what else is available

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