Announcing preview availability of the BlackBerry SDK

Connected cars and autonomous cars concept. 3D rendering image.

A few weeks ago we announced the early Open Source availability of the Titanium BlackBerry Platform on GitHub. Since then things have been super busy on the BlackBerry front; I’d like to share some of the cooler stuff with you.

In support of Appcelerator making the BlackBerry platform publicly available, RIM issued a developer challenge for applications built with Titanium BlackBerry. RIM offered the developers of the three winning applications free travel and first class accommodations for their World Wide Developer Conference (BBJam Asia) in Bangkok, Thailand. As usual our community rose to the occasion and created a diverse set of apps in an insanely short time. The winning apps came from developers all over the world. There was a mobile phone catalog app, an app for coffee connoisseurs, and even an app to control a quadcopter drone. The drone app was profiled in BerryReview.

Which brings me to the next cool thing. I’m pleased to announce the preview availability of the BlackBerry SDK. Unlike the GitHub version, the BlackBerry SDK is fully integrated into Titanium Studio. You can download the Studio and the SDK previews for BlackBerry from the Appcelerator preview site. There is also now a Google Group setup to support Titanium BlackBerry development. The state of the platform is still in early development and some Titanium APIs are not yet available. If you’re interested in Titanium BlackBerry development checkout the links below.

BlackBerry Preview Release
Google Groups

As you’re testing out the BlackBerry SDK, don’t forget to take advantage of an opportunity for developers to receive BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices, and Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) for free. All you have to do is build a BlackBerry 10 app.


  1. Yes, I’ll create release notes with an API status and make those available on the BlackBerry preview landing page.