Announcing Vue.js Support in Titanium

A few weeks ago, we announced official support for Angular 6 in Titanium, enabling developers to combine the full ecosystem of Titanium with the powerful toolset of Angular. The tech preview was open sourced via @appcelerator/titanium-angular and will receive more contributions over the next few months.

Today, we are pleased to announce another powerful integration that many of our customers and open source developers asked
for: Titanium x Vue!

You will be able to combine the maturity of the Titanium SDK with Vue.js, “a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on Web” – and now natively!

Here is a really tiny example of Titanium x Vue in action:

import Vue from 'titanium-vue';

new Vue({
  template: `
    <tab-group ref="tabGroup">
      <tab :title="'Tab1'">
        <window :title="'Tab 1'">
          <label @click="onClick">Label 1</label>
      <tab :title="'Tab 2'">
        <window :title="'Tab 2'">
          <label :style="{ color: 'red' }">Label 2</label>

  methods: {
    onClick() {
      alert('Nice click!');
  mounted: function() {

You can also reuse existing Vue.js editor integrations, like:

Different to the Angular integration, we decided to open source the Vue project from the beginning, enabling the open source community to try out and contribute to the new project. Make sure to visit @appcelerator/titanium-vue today, with more changes coming over the next months.

Both the Angular and Vue integrations will be first-class citizens in the Titanium ecosystem, with Alloy of course still being maintained as well. We want developers to choose their best possible solution for developing native cross-platform apps!

We are working hard on getting more samples and docs ready. Follow us via Twitter or reach out to the open source community on TiSlack and its new #titanium-vue / #titanium-angular channels.

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    • Hey Adrian! The project was open sourced this week, but requires more work for larger use-cases. If you run into issues while deploying it to production, feel free to open a new issue on GitHub or JIRA and it will be looked into!

  1. Do you plan to completely remove the alloy in anytime future? I am concerned as I really love alloy.

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