Appcelerator’s Aptana PyDev wins “Best Developer Tool” from the Eclipse Foundation

Fresk leaves invoking a happy mood.

As many of you know, we acquired Aptana earlier this year. Their Studio 3 product rocks … and apparently we aren’t the only ones who think so. The Eclipse Foundation declared PyDev, the Python Development Environment which is part of Aptana Studio 3, as “Best Developer Tool: A commercial or open source product that provides an innovative, high quality tool for software developers.” We were chosen by a panel of judges including Eclipse-oriented editors and Eclipse project leaders.

Way to go, PyDev development team!

And speaking of Aptana Studio 3, download it now if you haven’t already — We’re also looking forward to integrating it into our Titanium Studio product later this year. Stay tuned for more Appcelerator/Aptana goodness!


  1. The most public figure on the team is Fabio – Thanks for the help and all your work on pydev prior to joining aptana! Your earlier videos on the pydev integration were instrumental for me and thank you for the progress with the django integration!!!

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