Celebrating 350,000 Mobile Developers Running Apps on 75 Million Devices

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A HUGE THANK YOU for a big milestone – YOU are changing the mobile world and influencing people’s lives every day as a mobile developer. We are so honored that 350,000+ mobile developers choose Appcelerator Titanium as their platform of choice.  

Let’s celebrate! We are  throwing a virtual party and “lucky draw” through Twitter – galvinzing the entire mobile developer community in celebration of reaching 350k leading edge, mobile developers.  We’re running a Twitter challenge with loads of very exciting gifts.  This is our way to thank you……


  • On Twitter, tell @appcelerator why YOU love being a mobile developer
  • Use the following hashtag:  #350kgenmobile and add @appcelerator
  • Contest runs from 8/23/12 through 8/27/12 midnight, PDT.

(both #350kgenmobile and @appcelerator must be in the body of your “tweet” to enter to win)

10 lucky “tweets” will randomly be selected to win:

  • (2) Nexus 7 Android Tablets
  • AppC Swag (tshirts galore!)

By particpating, you agree to our terms and conditions.


  1. Ok enjoy this celebration; I am with you regarding running a Twitter challenge with loads of very exciting gifts; and nice info about LUCKY DRAW.

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