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We’ve recently rolled out a community-editable wiki space inside our Confluence setup. Until now, we’ve used Confluence mainly to author our own official reference guides for Titanium Mobile and Titanium Studio. But we’ve got an incredibly talented community of contributors that we think can edit and curate a great set of content for Appcelerator developers. Since the wiki was only recently created, it’s a little light on content – but we think that will change quickly. I’ve added a few high level pages I’d like to see built out initially. Feel free to add to these or to contribute your own categories:

  • A listing of Appcelerator developer blogs – go here and add your blog!
  • Tutorials – a top level page for how-tos and tutorials. I’ve set up a form and a page tree search so that all tutorial-style content is easy to find.
  • Tips and Best Practices – developers have often requested a way to share tips and best practices they have with others. I’ve set up a page tree here to collect them.

The community wiki is open for editing to anyone who signs up for an account, so everyone is invited and able to contribute today. It’s also worth mentioning that this will be a community-regulated resource, much like Wikipedia. Our official reference documentation will continue to be curated by Appcelerator, using the same pull request and internal authoring processes we have used in the past.

I look forward to seeing the community wiki grow over time, and I thank you in advance for your contributions!


  1. Agreed! This makes the Ti community even more powerful! Keep it up Kev. The growth of Titanium and its community over the past year has really been crazy to watch. XD

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