Developer Center update

Fast speed dataflow.

Tonight we pushed a set of fixes to Appcelerator Developer based on a number issues reported and numerous feature requests by you – the community.  We hope you find these fixes and improvements useful.  So, what are the new improvements and fixes?

Pagination/Search Fixes

We found a number of problems with the pagination we were using and hopefully we’ve resolved them.  Let us know if you find any issues related to pagination and search.

Preview Posts

When you create a new Q&A issue, you’ll now get a preview post option before you post. Please review your post before you post it to makes sure it’s formatting correctly. You can either Edit the post or Post it.

Editing Questions and Answers

We now support the ability for the author of the question or comment to edit their original post.  Please, be judicious here.  The goal is for you to be able to correct minor formatting, spelling or clarifications. Please don’t rewrite or change your question or answer significantly.

Marking your Question with a Best Answer

We resolved an issue related to marking answers as completed, or “best answer”.  Now, when you receive a good answer, please go back and mark it as the “Best Answer”.  This will color the post and move it to the top.  Only the original poster can make this action happen.  When you do this, both the poster of the question and the person with the best answer will get extra points.


We now support the nifty ajax style tagging when you type. It will also search for existing tags as you type to suggest other tags in the system.  We also offer up popular tags in the ask question form.  Hopefully, this will also help get tags into the system correctly named.

Code Syntax Highlighting

We’ve ditched the Javascript based code highlighter in favor of GesHI.  Geshi is a super fast server side syntax highlighter and supports a ton of languages.

Updated API docs

We’ve still got a few API docs that either didn’t get uploaded by accident or were incorrect.  We pushed fixes for those docs.  We also have a whole new set of Desktop docs that will come online in the next day now that the updated site is updated.

Email notifications

We now will email you (assuming you have notifications enabled) when your question is answered.  You can control this setting by going to your profile page (click “My Q&A” in the menu) if you don’t care to get notified.  You’ll only get notified when an answer is posted – and we’ll email you the full post and a handy link to the question so you can easily navigate back to it.

Calendar items order

We had an issue where our calendar entries were a little out of order. We resolved this issue.

What’s next?

There were a number of requests we didn’t yet get to but are on our list.  A big one that didn’t get done but will come in soon is RSS feeds. We’re planning on exposing RSS feeds for the various pages and questions to make it easier to consume them or subscribe to them.   We also have quite a number of new documents that we’re in the process of moving (and rewriting in a number of cases) from codestrong.  We should have a ton more documentation online next week.



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