“Featured Modules & Widgets” Coming Soon

We’re working on a new blog series that will put the spotlight on some of the best open-source Titanium modules and widgets out there – so Native and JS modules, and Alloy Widgets.

What makes a good module or widget? We’ll be assessing them based on the following:

  • is the module / widget available on gitt.io?
  • is it open source / does it have a public repo?
  • does it have a detailed README that explains how to build and use it?
  • for native modules, does it have a release build?
  • for JS modules, is it available on NPM?
  • does the module / widget come with good, working examples?
  • is the developer responsive to issues and pull requests?
  • does it support the latest Titanium SDKs?
  • is it cross-platform or not?
  • does it support the latest versions of iOS, Android etc.

We have a few modules already lined up to feature, but we’re looking for more to add to the growing list. So, if you have a favourite native, JS module or Widget you use or you’ve written, then please drop a link in the comments and we’ll take a look!