Featured Video & Tech Talk: Custom Analytics Queries

One of the most impactful new features of the September Release is the ability to create custom analytics queries. Query Builder, as it is known in Appcelerator Labs, gives you infinitely more control over your app’s analytics data. You now have the power to dive below the macro-level KPIs to slice and dice the data to get the answers that are meaningful for your app and its specific use cases.

You can also surface these new insights in new ways. For instance, you can configure notifications based on your query’s output – like, “Email me if the query count goes above 10,000 in a given week” or “Post the results of this query, to this url, every hour.” Each query also has its own API endpoint so other systems like your BI tools can consume the data on-demand.

Take a look at the video below for an overview. If you’re a Platform customer on a Team or Enterprise plan, or if you’re in a free trial you can create a query now to try it out yourself.

As we have been doing for these new features, we’ll also be holding a Tech Talk this Thursday, October 8 where we’ll do a demo and answer questions to help you get up and running. You can watch the replay here.


  1. It would be very interesting to allow our own UI app via APIs to display these analytics (in lieu of logging in to Appcelerator) for Admins of a CMS connected to an ArrowDB.

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